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Myriad HQ

Myriad HQ is an additional module for our music products. It brings an enhanced audio quality, new option for digital output, and high-quality sounds, generated by external plug-ins (VSTi) or by "MyrSynth-Guitar", our pinched string instrument generator

How to get this module?

It downloads and installs along with our music products: Melody Assistant, Harmony Assistant, PDFtoMusic or PDFtoMusic Pro.

What does it bring?

  • High-definition digital output and PCM export (up to 96 kHz, 32 bits)
  • High-definition digital post-processing, with a multi-band equalizer
  • Multi-channel digital output (up to 8 loudspeakers -7.1-)
  • MyrSynth-Guitar Physical Modeling Synthesizer, for realistic guitars, basses, etc
  • VSTi external module support, for using third-party sound modules

Trial Version

The Myriad HQ module can be used free of charge in tryout mode.
In this mode, Myriad HQ features won't be stored in saved or exported files, and the module will  disable itself after some time in the session.
To continue trying it, you'll just have to quit the program then run it again.

If you are convinced by the tryout, you can then purchase a license (see below). You'll receive a personal registration code that unlocks the Myriad HQ limitations.

Please note that Myriad HQ is fully useable in PDFtoMusic Pro without needing an additional license

A few examples

The following examples use "MyrSynth-Guitar" instruments, as part of the Myriad HQ module, and have been performed only by our programs.

These excerpts are music citations, designed only to demonstrate the realism and quality of sound synthesis from our "MyrSynth Guitar" physical modeling. In no cas they can be considered as a public performance.

In addition to pure sound modeling, MyrSynth Guitar also simulate performer's hand and finger precise movements, in order to humanize the playback.

VSTi instruments

Myriad HQ lets you use VSTi 2.4, 32-bit external instruments in your documents. Specifications for this framework (Steinberg) being sometimes unprecise and unclear, and some VSTi manufacturers not following the guidelines to the letter, some instruments can be malfunctioning in Myriad HQ.
We write a document that lists the miscellaneous instruments that have been tested, and the problems that couls be encountered. This document is provided for information only, behaviour of some VSTi modules can vary from one computer to another.


Price for a Myriad HQ license is or .

If you decide to purchase a personal license number, you will then be able to enter it in the program to get rid of the restrictions.

Updates are free of charge for all versions to come.

No physical media is included in the license. If you wish to receive a flashdrive containing the program version identical to what you can download on our site, please order a Myriad Flashdrive

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