Myriad Music Plug-in has been discontinued

Sorry for that  :(

Why, but whyyyy ???

Our plug-in complied to a standard called NPAPI that used to be compatible between all browsers the last two decades.
Unfortunately, for "security reasons", NPAPI support has been or will be discontinued in all major browers. No replacement is proposed at this time.

So, what can I do ?

We worked very hard to provide an alternate way of sharing music scores on the Web, and developed a brand new HTML5 app for this, along with a dedicated data format, called Myrweb.

This format can be managed through our score editor Harmony Assistant. A Myrweb export can then be viewed, played, etc, without requiring the user to install anything on their computer, smartphone or tablet.

I am visiting a site that still uses the old Myriad plug-in

The webmaster for this site should seriously consider to switch to the myrweb system. If possible, contact them and direct them to this page, especially the section below.

I am a webmaster and I want to switch my site to the new system (Myrweb)

There are several tools and tips that can help you in this task. We are currently setting up a page to explain all this.