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Our solutions for Choirmasters and choir singers

You are a choir director and want to provide your singers with clear and well-designed scores?
You want to make their rehearsing process easier and faster?
You want to own the complete score sheet, including the instrumental parts, while each singer only sees their own part?

Harmony Assistant is the score editor you need.

How to get the score?

Harmony Assistant imports directly most of the music score files: MIDI, XML, .kar, .mus, .etf, .enc, .nwc, and much more. When you own such a file, you don't have to enter the score again, the input job is already done!

If you don't have such a file, use KOOPLET to search the Internet for this piece in a format that can be read by Harmony Assistant.

If the file is a PDF, generated by any score editor program, use PDFtoMusic to convert it automatically in a Harmony Assistant file.

If you only have the score sheet on paper, you will enter notes and lyrics in Harmony Assistant. It can be done very easily through the computer keyboard, the mouse or an external MIDI keyboard, thanks to the numerous software features.

A powerful tool for the Choirmaster

The score is now available in Harmony Assistant.
You can make the computer sing the lyrics, via Virtual Singer in miscellaneous languages including Latin.
With Harmony Assistant you will:

- Play the score, partially or totally

- Transpose it into the required key

- Apply any change to the score,

- Provide your singers with separate parts for each pitch range as sheet music or PDF file

- Generate audio files that can be burnt on CD. While doing this, you can move a voice to the foreground in order to make the rehearsal easier.

- If your singers own a computer (PC or Macintosh), you can give them the original Harmony Assistant files. They can view or play them at home for free with Melody Player.

- In a few clicks, directly from Harmony Assistant, publish your scores on the public or private space that has been allocated for you on our servers (MUSL).

A fast and easy learning process

All our products can be downloaded for free on our Website and used without time limit. Even during this discovery steps, all the help sources below are available. You can then ensure that our products perfectly match your needs.


Throughout the use of Harmony Assistant, you'll be assisted by :

- an interactive manual

- a contextual help on any operation

- animated tutorials that cover the main topics

- a direct contact by e-mails with the authors for technical support. You are sure to receive a competent help in English.

- the user forum, very active, is available 24/7 to answer your questions, or to let you share your knowledge.

Thus, for a strikingly low price, you will own for lifetime (all updates are free of charge) a powerful tool that  assists you in your music work.

Your choir singers can hear, view, print, etc your scores for free via Melody Player.

Harmony Assistant license:
Virtual Singer license:
PDFtoMusic license:
Melody Player:
free of charge

Our product licenses are bound to their owner, are confidential and valid lifetime for a same kind of computer and OS : Windows XP to 11 or Mac OS X or Linux. All updates are free of charge.

Right after your order, you will receive a code (license number) that will unlock all the features of the software you already installed and tried.

If several members of your choir would have to create of modify scores with Harmony Assistant, please contact us for a discount.

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