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Version 2.1,  July 2004

 • New manual version
 • Miscellaneous minor fixes
 • Better processing of some characters
 • Mac OS X: Loading and processing JPG, GIF, PDF, PNG, Photoshop, targa,TIFF,etc files using QuickTime.
 • Mac OS X: Loading and processing multi-pages PDF files.

Version 2.0.1,  October 2003

• Fix: drag and drop on Macintosh
• Fix: update problem while changing scale
• New pannel in general setup: colors for computed notes.

Version 2.0,  August 2003

• Help to recognition: feature to add area which force a symbol in the computing process.
• Computation tool palette.
• Tutorials. You can view the tutorials on the wbe site or directly from the program.
• Fix: "6" symbol recognition in time signature.
• New chapters in the manual.
• OMeR documents files are now located at "Myriad Documents/OMeR/Documents"
• OMeR results files are now located at "Myriad Documents/OMeR/Results"
• Fix: clef change recognition inside a staff.
• Better beam recognition.

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