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Harmony Assistant 9.9.0

Melody Assistant 7.9.0

June 2019
August 2019

This version is the first to be available in 64-bit.
The main difference is that, in Myriad HQ, the VST modules that can be used are the 64 bit version instead of 32 bit

- On Windows, both editions don't install at the same location

- On Mac OS, 32 & 64 bit editions are packaged altogether. The user can select which version to be run, until macOS 10.3. This choice has been withdrawn from macOS 10.14, and the whole 32-bit support abandoned from macOS 10.15.

- On Linux, both versions are included in the installer, and the 64-bit version installs whenever possible. Install of 32-bit version can however be forced through command line

Note that codes for Harmony Assistant purchased before the release of this version are cannot work on 64 bits. A license extension can be purchased.

This version also includes support for Retina/4K display and night (dark) mode.

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0i / Melody Assistant 7.9.0i - August 8th 2019


  1. Improvement of output digital sound effects (global surround & reverb) : at high volume, cracklings could be heard
  2. From now, keeping Shift key down changes the window content scale only when resizing main window and not its sub-windows (split view)
  3. Large mixer has been improved in Dark mode
  4. Harmony Assistant : new script for quick export in MP3 format
  5. macOS: printer settings are stored
  6. macOS: better accuracy when printing

  1. Crash when loading old files that use a special kind of embedded pictures
  2. Reinstatement of copy/paste of stave-related text
  3. macOS: management of an error returned by the font manager
  4. macOS: management of printing scale
  5. macOS: management of Alt key in some cases
  6. macOS: foxed a problem preventing special fonts to be embedded in SVG & PDF files
  7. Linux: crash when attempting to use computer keyboard as real-time music input device.
    Note: this feature is still unimplemented on Linux but won't crash anymore

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0h / Melody Assistant 7.9.0h - July 31st 2019


  1. Better positionning of overbow mark on harmonica tablatures
  2. CPU load for graphical operations on Dock is now limited
  3. Better font management in style palette
  4. Improved graphical compatibility with old-style pictures embedded in music files
  5. Updated interface translations in English, German and Portuguese
  6. macOS : better selection of default font for MusicXML. 
  7. macOS : event processing has been sped up
  1. Crash when resetting instrument vibrato or tremolo settings
  2. Crash after adding a voice on a stave that contains clef ornaments
  3. Pictures used as note ornaments could swap when saving the file
  4. Random problems of PDF export (blanc pages). Occurring often in Linux version
  5. Windows: Fixed external app search (PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro) from Harmony/Melody in 64-bit
  6. macOS: System double-click management
  7. macOS: Fixed scrapbook conversion
  8. macOS: Fixed complex outlined shapes printing
  9. Linux: explanation window about 32/64-bit license extension didn't show up. The program displayed "ALRT 216 not found"
  10. Linux: confusion between portrait and landscape while printing

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0g / Melody Assistant 7.9.0g - July 18th 2019


  1. Chords from a chord line related to a staff have their own playback settings, independent from the staff itself, in mixing tables or music following window.

  1. When printing, some fonts could be drawn at the wrong size, e.g. when printing the MyrScript manual
  2. Possible crash in break/repeat edit box, when changing the number of repeats. Could also affect other boxes, especially those containing lists
  3. Fixed low-level crashs in graphical operations, for instance when clicking on the save icon in the Action tools palette
  4. In SVG or PDF export, drawing colors could be wrong, with possible confusion between blue and black
  5. Harmony Assistant: forcing display position by script of an opening  MyrScript floating window could be ignored.
  6. Harmony Assistant: fixed crash when displaying contextual help on a script window
  7. Windows: an error in information collection when the program crashes prevented us to fully process submitted problem reports
  8. macOS: some graphical drawings (circles, etc) could be missing when printing
  9. Linux: flags for singer languages didn't appear anymore. This could also apply to other icons, and potentially other OSes

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0f / Melody Assistant 7.9.0f - July 9th 2019


  1. Possible to select the spacing between grace notes in score display setup: taken into account in display, edit, save, load, Myrscript and engraver mode
  2. Adder little finger (chiquito) in guitar right had fingering
  3. New document template: Viola da gamba quartet (submitted by Oliveira)


  1. Printing through a high-definition picture (Global setup, "Print/Export" section) was very slow, and has been sped up. Printing a page was taking 18mn and now takes only 2 seconds.
  2. Improvement of micro-icon display in dark mode
  3. Improvement in staff group name position, when display angle is vertical. Changes the appearance of previously written scores that use this feature
  4. The "Dock" becomes completely opaque (was slightly transparent)
  5. Automatic translation system for staff and instrument names has been improved
  6. Moving the right edge of a triplet bracked was resetting the appearance of the whole triplet
  7. macOS: Several files can now be open at once from the Finder
  8. macOS: tests have been set up for avoiding the program to be run on pre-10.7 macOS versions

  1. MP3 file import was wrong. Decoding generated hisses and distorsions
  2. Virtual Singer didn't sing some notes well, when another notes with a 0 velocity was overlapping. This is used for creating notes that are starting point of several slurs
  3. Crash when exporting keyboard shortcut or chord diagrams to PDF to Multi-page SVG
  4. Fixed crash when selecting font for multi-rest number in score display setup
  5. Fixed documentation unpacking error
  6. Offset in eding values for objects related to staff
  7. Fixed help in license number input box
  8. Cosmetic fixes for MyriadHQ palette
  9. Harmony Assistant: Fixed crashs when editing accompaniment or drum patterns
  10. Harmonica tablatures: multiple grace notes and mordents weren't properly displayed
  11. Changed help text of "Slide" effect, improperly called "Bend"
  12. Fixed possible crash when clicking on the Dock
  13. Fixed crash when inserting MyrScript item
  14. Fixed a dozen of small memory leaks in SVG/PDF/Myrweb export
  15. Fixed memory leak in menu management
  16. Fixed memory leaks in ock management
  17. Windows/Linux: When opened, some bowes were truncated when the main window is too narrow
  18. macOS: Conflict with the Finder Dock
  19. macOS: Dialogs could be sent behind the previous dialog
  20. macOS: Fixed window activation on some OS versions
  21. macOS: Fixed folder opening from Finder
  22. macOS: Located and fixed memory leak in file selector
  23. macOS: Fixed app deactivation event problems on macOS 10.14
  24. Linux: Crash when opening Virtual Singer palette
  25. Linux: Fixed problem in file compression, when sending an e-mail from the program 
  26. Linux: Crash when reducing score to minimum
  27. Linux: confusion in font size, some character coud be displayed at the wrong size

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0d / Melody Assistant 7.9.0d - June 21st 2019


  1. Problem in selecting and saving the font name for editing e-mails
  2. The window name didn't appear anymore in the title bar, except in Aqua theme
  3. If a graphical shift was applied to the first note of a staff, the played notes didn't appear in the right place till the end of the tune
  4. Crash when clicking on the general volume in the small mixing table
  5. In the complete mixing table, output power indicators didn't take the general volume into account
  6. Possible crash when quitting the application while a music is playing
  7. Crash when loading very old files that contain graphical objects in PICT format
  8. Harmony Assistant: script floating palettes could open below the Dock
  9. Windows/Linux: the saved files version number was incorrect
  10. Windows / Linux : better adjustment of window position and size when switching the Dock on and off, or moving/resizeing it
  11. Windows: improvements in executable program details (possible confusion between 32/64-bit edition and the "Win32" mention that refers to the kind of app and not the number of bits)
  12. Windows: Graphical problem when music is scrolling while playing, in scroll mode
  13. On Windows XP, the program couldn't start due to a missing entry in a library (available only with Vista and later).
  14. macOS: Fixed crash in lyrics printing
  15. macOS: Fixed menu management problem, dialog box deffered opening.
  16. macOS: Fixed folder opening via the Finder
  17. macOS: Melody Assistant : Fixed crash when editing keyboard shortcuts

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0c / Melody Assistant 7.9.0c - June 14th, 2019


  1. Problem when saving default access paths, that could lead to a crash

Harmony Assistant 9.9.0 / Melody Assistant 7.9.0 - June 12th, 2019

  1. 64 bit version for Windows et Mac OS
  2. Retina/4k mode, enabling to enlage the whole graphical interface, or, on Macintosh, to make all drawings sharper
  3. Night (dark) mode
  4. Drawings are now made in FPCT, which removes graphical aliasing and improves accuracy on screen and on printer. A proprietary export format (.fpct) is available
  5. New icons, palettes and mouse pointers in HD
  6. New graphical interface themes: Aqua 107 and Windows 10
  7. In the "Staves" menu, new entry to quickly edit settings for the related singer.
  8. New staff template, "Percussive > Metronome", to add a metronome staff (in two lines, one for the click, the other for the bell) to a score. Custom sequences can be written, this staff can then be masked from printing.
  9. Macintosh: "Carbon" library is no more used. Replaced by the "Acam" library, that enables to select any graphical theme. Minimal version for MacOS becomes 10.7
  10. Macintosh: now possible to select a Soundfont as sound output


  1. Improvement of SVG, PDF & Myrweb export
  2. Improvement of MIDI file import quantizing when the file contains lyrics (some notes could be brutally shortened)
  3. MusicXML import: default style for text and lyrics is managed
  4. Harmony Assistant, Myrweb export (File > Export menu option or export from the Jukebox), the HTML code accessing our app now uses the https (secure http) protocol. Generated Myrweb files can then be used directly within a secure web site
  5. Harmony Assistant, MyrWeb export: file protection settings are now exported and processed by the Myrweb app. For instance, a file that is protected against printing can't be printed from the app.


  1. Graphical Interface improvement: better accuracy for icons, palettes and mouse pointers.
  2. Inverting tuplet direction didn't have any effect on isolated tuplet notes. It nows inverts the tuplet number position relatively to the note stem.
  3. Rests on a whole measure were centered on the measure, and the graphical offset was ignored. It is now possible to alter their position through this setting
  4. Improvement in beam tilt for note groups containing rests. This can alter the appearance of existing scores
  5. Improvement of "line" objects appearance.  This can alter the appearance of existing scores:
      - line width setting was not managed by wavy and dotted lines or by arrow ends
      - Dots of dotted lines weren't circular
      - vertical/horizontal dashed lines didn't always end well
      - Segments for diagonal dashed lines had sharp ends
  6. Harmony Assistant: in page mode, when pages are displayed vertically, space between pages has been reduced.
  7. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: Note name display script has been improved: it now enables to select latin note names in Italian format ("Re" instead of "Ré"), to select the horizontal and vertical offset of note names relatively to their default position, as well as text angle and size
  8. Better readability of selected text in editable fields

Sound rendering

  1. Improvement of sound output: internal sound sources can now be mono, stereo or quadriphonic. Thus, stereo position and effect for VSTi instrument are managed
  2. Improvement when reducing sound space (7.1) to dual channel (stereo)
  3. The Pause button starts playback if not already playing
  4. Virtual Singer: improvement of treble notes rendering. Unconscious phonetic alterations from the singer when performing treble notes have been simulated
  5. Virtual Singer: part that have been muted by a dynamics or a tacet were still faintly audible


  1. Improvement in management and configuration of dynamics ("fff, "ppp", etc) et pedal ("Ped" and "*") symbols: they can apply to:
      - The staff on which they are written only
      - This staff and all the staves merged with it (default value in general case)
      - This staff and all the staves in the same group (system), i.e included in the same brace or bracket in the margin. It's the default value for dynamics placed between the staves of a dual-staff system
     - All staves in the score
  2. Pedal end symbols (*) become optional. When to symbols of pedal start (Ped) follow each other, the pedal is briefly released before being pressed again
  3. In "Edit > General", "Target" tab, selecting "Apply to note pitches" and letting the field empty will apply the action to all notes instead of none.
    Before that, "C0-C9" had to be entered in this field
  4. Added ornaments "Volume up and down" and "Graphics" to "Mark 1 tools" palette
  5. Some notes couldn't be selected in chords when graphically shifted
  6. Virtual Singer: some commands for changing language had changed. Now, both the old and new syntax is accepted.
    Thus, switching to Latin can be done through [!lat] or [!latin]
    Switching to Spanish can be done through [!sp] or [!espa]
  7. In "Dock" mode, icon sets cannot be selected anymore from general settings
  8. In Dock, a new icon has been added, to deselect all selected tools and get back to default values
  9. Harmony Assistant: new command to quickly copy lyrics from a staff to another


  1.  When displaying a system alert (memory problem, etc), validating this box with Shift-Alt-Click will gerate a crash on purpose, in order to send us a clear error report about the problem that has been encountered
  2. Starting application: documents that were open when closing the previous session are now displayed in the same order
  3. Several functions in the program have been sped up (exports, graphical transfers, etc)
  4. Better management of default folders for load, save and export file selectors
  5. Harmony Assistant: improvements in User space (MUSL) management and archiving
  6. Harmony Assistant: possible to select several files at once when adding files to MUSL space
  7. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript: possible to define custom black and white patterns in hex or binary, instead of only using preset values only
  8. Harmony Assistant: menus are updated when script info changes
  9. Harmony Assistant: new versions for graphical export scripts
  10. Windows: Web access library has been replaced by another more reliable
  11. Windows: the application windows wasn't selected at startup (needed a click to get focus)
  12. macOS: Now, manual will be located in "Myriad Documents/Docs" instead of being embedded in the application package
  13. macOS: windows masking when application is masked
  14. macOS: switching to and from the application could un-collapse windows
  15. macOS: better management of system keyboard shortcuts
  16. Linux: display functions have been rewritten and sped up
  17. Linux: installer has been improved, when the .run was located in a folder which name contains a space character


  1. Rotating a dynamics by Alt Click only covered half a circle
  2. Fixed color error in PNG export. This occurred when exporting a score containing colored symbols.
  3. Closing a split score widow with palettes in "Dock" mode could generate a crash
  4. When printing or graphically exporting a score with stemless notes, the hook could still appear close to the notehead.
  5. When a play start marker was present, MP3 export from a script exported too long files, ending with silence
  6. Fixed possible crash when exporting MP3 with lyrics
  7. Fixed crash when testing a rhythm pattern in the grid with the hammer tool
  8. Fixed crash when switching a drum instrument to MyrSynth
  9. Fixed problem when applying style in batch mode from the jukebox
  10. Fixed RealSinger phoneme recording
  11. Fixed RealSinger phoneme equalizing
  12. Fixed crash when editing text with Windows-style end of lines
  13. Lyrics syllables on narrow measures could disappear from display in scroll mode
  14. Fixed default value for volume increase/decrease ornaments
  15. Fixed error that could lead to characters mismatch in SVG/EPS/Myrweb export
  16. The option for copying lyrics from one staff to another (staff contextual menu) made the original lyrics line inactive
  17. Fixed problems on some palettes (e.g. note appearance) when rotated, scaled, opened from the master palette, or a combination of these three operations.
  18. Fixed tuplet export in ABC format
  19. Possible crash in custom digital instruments management
  20. Harmony Assistant: the check mark before "last bar to print" in page mode didn't work well
  21. Harmony Assistant: il was impossible to select the last visible bar in page mode when a printing bound was defined
  22. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Score.PositionView(...)didn't work when pages were displayed vertically
  23. Harmony Assistant: The script for exporting all the tracks in audio format was corrupted, and the fixed version available from the script Internet update. The proper version is now provided in standard
  24. Macintosh: Fixed an old problem in DFont browsing, that could make the Myrweb or SVG export crash
  25. Windows: Fixed possible crash in Internet accesses

Special Thanks

We wish to thank:
  • "Pepe" Oliveira
  • André Baeck
  • Danièl Frouvelle
  • Scott Kagle
  • W. Irlingham
  • David Lawrence
  • Wolfgang Henderkes
  • Roeland Bekker 
for their help in the making of this version.

Previous versions

=> Harmony 9.8 - Melody 7.8 - (Nov 2017 - June 2019) Myriad HQ
=> Harmony 9.7 - Melody 7.7 - (March 2011 - Nov 2017) Myrweb, SVG, HTML & PDF export / Dock
=> Harmony 9.6 - Melody 7.6 - (March 2011 - October 2016) Kooplet
=> Harmony 9.5 - Melody 7.5 - (April 2010-February 2011) MUSL user space
=> Harmony 9.4 - Melody 7.4 - (April 2008-March 2010) Introducing Views (Harmony Assistant)
=> Harmony 9.3 - Melody 7.3 - (April-May 2007) Import/Export in MusicXML 1.1 format (export only available in Harmony Assistant)
=> Harmony 9.2 - Melody 7.2 - (May-June 2006) New document wizard, Unicode text, text style and rotation...
=> Harmony 9.1 - Melody 7.1 - (April-October 2005) independent staff positioning, better sound output quality, new graphical objects, GOLD 2 sound base
=> Harmony 9.0 - Melody 7.0 - (July-December 2004) -Special beams, advanced ties, conditional dynamics
=> Harmony 8.4 - Melody 6.4 - (December 2003) - Icon sets, Real Singer II.
=> Harmony 8.3 - Melody 6.3 - (April-May 2003) - MyrScript, OGG support.
=> Harmony 8.2 - Melody 6.2 - (January 2003) - Mixer, real-time keyboard input.
=> Harmony 8.1, Melody 6.1 -(September 2002)  High quality GOLD base. More than 20 new features.
=> Harmony 8.0, Melody 6.0 -(April 2002) New interface, new jukebox. More than 50 new features.
=> Harmony 7.9, Melody 5.9 -(December 2001) Graphical Quality, Editing,Drums and Real Singer
=> Harmony 7.8 - Melody 5.8 (September 2001)- Engraver Mode, Free Objects
=> Harmony 7.7 - Melody 5.7 - (July 2001) Notation and edition
=> Harmony 7.6 - Melody 5.6 - (May 2001) New Web Feature
=> Harmony 7.5 - Melody 5.5 - (February 2001) New Tablature, New Display Mode
=> Harmony 7.4 - Melody 5.4 (October 2000); New management for break symbols
=> Harmony 7.3 - Melody 5.3 (August 2000) And now it sing !
=> Harmony 7.2 - Melody 5.2 (June  2000)
=> Harmony 7.1 - Melody 5.1 (April-May  2000); New sound databases
=> Harmony 7.0 - Melody 5.0 (February  2000); Internet, MIDI and Digital Tracks
=> Harmony 6.3 - Melody 4.3 (December 24 1999)
=> Harmony 6.1 - Melody 4.1 (November 99)
=> Harmony 6.0 - Melody 4.0 (September 99)
=> Harmony 5.4 - Melody 3.4 (19 may 1999)
=> Harmony 5.3.0 - Melody 3.3.0 (April 20 1999)
=> Harmony 5.2.0c - Melody 3.2.0c  (March 23th, 1999)
=> Harmony 5.1.0 - Melody 3.1.0 (Feb 22th 99)
=> Harmony 4.0 Melody  2.0 September 1998
=> Harmony 3.1 Melody  1.4 May 1998
=> Harmony 3.0. Melody  1.0. February 1998
=>  Harmony 2.0: Mars 1996
=>  Harmony 1.0: November 1994

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