logo Special commands for comments

While adding comments hosted by the Galerie server you can use special commands.
The commands are case insensitive, you can write "Color" or "color" or "COLOR".
These commands will work in both title and comment itself.

Type this:
For this:
[url=http://site.com]SITE[/url] SITE
[url]http://site.com[/url] http://site.com
[img width=80 height=80]http://site.com/image.gif[/img]
[font=Times]Times[/font] Times
[size=20]Changing size[/size] Changing size
[b]Bold[/b] Bold
[i]Italic[/i] Italic
[u]Underlined[/u] Underlined
[s]strikethrough[/s] strikethrough
[color=Red]Red text[/color] Red text
[color=Black]Black text[/color] Black text
[color=White]White text[/color] White text
[color=Red]Green text[/color] Green text
[color=Red]Blue text[/color] Blue text
[color=xxxxxx]Other color 993399[/color] (xxxxxx is an hexadecimal value)
Other color 993399
[email]didier.guillion@galerie.net[/email] didier.guillion@galerie.net
[email=didier.guillion@galerie.net]write me[/email] write me
[center]Centered text[/center] Centered text
[right]Right aligned text[/right] Right aligned text
[left]Left aligned text[/left] Left aligned text

[!]        Use this code anywhere in your text if you do not want characters to be replaced by smiley images.

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