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License extension

If you purchased a license for some of our programs before January the 1st, 2019, in order to use this product in 64-bit architecture, you can order a license extension.

You will then receive a new license number, which will replace the old one and will be valid for both architectures (32-bit and 64-bit). You will be assured of being able to use the product in the best conditions for the current and future versions of the system.

The 32-bit to 64-bit license extension rates are as follow:

Melody Assistant /
Harmony Assistant /
PDFtoMusic (version standard) /

Our other products (PDFtoMusic Pro, Virtual Singer, Myriad HQ, GOLD Sound Base ...) do not require a license extension.

32-bit and 64-bit, what does that mean?

This is the data size your computer processor can manage in a single operation. All modern processors are capable of 64-bit operations, but also support the old 32-bit mode. Thus, they are able to run either 32-bit or 64-bit Operating Systems.

On a 32-bit OS (often "old" systems, the recent ones are almost all 64-bit), only 32-bit applications can be run.

 A 64-bit operating system cans run 64-bit applications but also often 32-bit applications, thanks to a compatibility mode. Except for some very special types of applications, there will be no difference in terms of speed or overall performance.

However, future versions of your OS may make it difficult or impossible to run 32-bit applications in the long run. This is already what Apple did with macOS, despite the users' concerns: 32-bit applications can no longer be run on macOS from 10.15 (Catalina).

How to get a license extension?

Please order the extension by filling out this form (all fields must be completed):

As soon as the necessary verifications have been made, you will receive by e-mail your new license number, which will replace the old one.

If you use the same license on multiple computers, you will need to unregister your software on each one, then re-register using the new license number.

What if I want to continue using the 32-bit version without  benefiting from this offer?

For now, the latest OS versions are 64-bit, but still allow to run 32-bit applications, except for macOS over 10.14.

So you can continue to use the 32-bit edition of our program with your old code, as long as your operating system allows it. The updates of our program, in 32-bit edition are still lifetime free.

To continue using the 32-bit version of our program:

On Windows:
Download the 32-bit version of the program (in the download frame, select "Other versions") and install it
On macOS:
Please read the "ReadMe" file provided in the .DMG archive
On Linux:
Run the installer (.run) from the terminal, followed by these arguments:
-- --force32

If you try to use the 64-bit edition of our program with your old code, it will switch to trial mode and you will be prompted to acquire the license extension in order to unlock all features.

Why is not it free?

Our business policy is and has always been, by conviction, resolutely favorable to the user. In addition to the extremely affordable prices to make music composition and publishing accessible to everyone, even those with the lowest incomes, we decided, from our beginnings in 1998, that updates and technical assistance would be free of charge for life.

Thus, some of our users acquired a license more than 20 years ago, and continue to use the latest version of the software daily and receive answers to their questions by e-mail, without the need to shell out a dime since then.

Likewise, our licenses are user-related, so those who use our program on multiple computers with the same architecture (for example, on their home PC, laptop and PC at work during the lunch break) needed to acquire only one license.

But when we are forced to create a new edition of the program for a new architecture, and maintain this edition in parallel with the previous ones, a contribution is then requested from the user.
So, if you want to switch from Mac OS to Windows, or from Windows to Linux, if you want to go from a 32-bit to a 64-bit edition, you will need to acquire a new license, or a license extension, to contribute to the development fees of this edition.

Please consider that creating 64-bit editions of our products took almost a year of work. Even if, functionally, the look and feel remains identical to the 32-bit version in order not to disturb the users, the two editions of the program are specifically created for one or the other architecture, and request from us a specific implementation and maintenance.

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