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Apr 20th, 2021, 7:55pm 
 1   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Harmony Assistant 9.9.4 beta 3  on: Today at 7:20pm 
Started by Olivier Guillion | Last post by Lagaffe
Version Mac: Le fichier est endommagé
Donc démarrage de l'application impossible!
Plusieurs téléchargements, idem.
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 2   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: HA on Mac  on: Today at 7:12pm 
Started by deejey | Last post by Lagaffe
A l'apparition du message:
Aller sur "préférences système" et "sécurité" pour autoriser
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 3   General / Myrweb / Melody Player & other freeware programs / Re: Myrweb - taille des fichiers html  on: Today at 6:48pm 
Started by montge | Last post by Andre_B
On a parlé de cela, ou de sujets voisins, il y a quelque temps:;action=display; num=1600289531
Personne n'a l'air de copier le html dans une page, mais on y fait référence dans in "iframe".
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 4   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Cue notes of a different color  on: Today at 10:34am 
Started by DougP | Last post by bubu42
Ah, I've thought of another solution to avoid having two staves in order to play the cue notes properly : use the rules. Here's the process :
1- Type all the notes (cue & main) on the staff. Edit the cue notes and change their colour and size (Edit>Change>General tab). As we need to remember the exact colour, I suggest you hold the Shift key while clicking on the dropdown list of colours (that will limit the choice, but i'll be easier to remember). OK.
2- Staves>Edit rules. Create a new rule : rule name = cue, click on the colour dropdown list (just below the "all colors" checkbox) while holding the Shift key and select the same colour as in step #1. Then, we create a new instrument : at the bottom of the window, there's a line labelled "with the instrument" . Click on the dropdown list and select "New Instrument". A new window will open where we can edit the instrument properties. We give it a name (e.g. cue notes) choose the proper sound, etc. OK.OK.
Now, HA will play the music with the standard instrument except the coloured notes which will be played on the "cue" instrument.
I know, all this may sound a bit complicated, but actually it's rather simple (easier to to than describe).
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 5   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Création des accords diminués  on: Apr 19th, 2021, 5:41pm 
Started by mojito | Last post by mojito
Lorsque je place sur la portée les 4 notes d'un accord diminué, par exemple Edim (E, G Bb, Db), la ligne d'accord écrit cela C#m6. Ce qui est faux.
Le symbole diminué n'apparait jamais, il faut passer en mode manuel pour réécrire le nom de l'accord.
Dans la grille d'accord le problème est le même.
Idem pour les sus4 ; et il y en a peut-être d'autres que j'oublie.
Ils sont pourtant bien utiles ces petits accords !
Avez-vous la solution pour les faire apparaitre ?
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 6   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: HA files size increasing?  on: Apr 19th, 2021, 3:52pm 
Started by olemalm | Last post by PaulL
Another cause of a large file size, I discovered, is a "user-defined" instrument.  So if checking the compact save box ever fails to solve the problem, take a look at the instruments in the score.
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 7   General / MyrScript Language / Re: Charger configuration clavier  on: Apr 19th, 2021, 3:32pm 
Started by Andre_B | Last post by PaulL
Je crois que c'est possible, un seul raccourci à la fois, mais je n'en suis pas sûr.
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 8   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Acam error  on: Apr 18th, 2021, 7:08pm 
Started by Pedro31077 | Last post by Andre_B
Oui, mais on n'a pas toujours envie de perdre tout ce qu'il y a dans ACAMPREF...
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 9   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Switching to/from H.A. 9.9.4  on: Apr 17th, 2021, 10:12pm 
Started by Olivier Guillion | Last post by Tony Deff
This warning message seems to occur more frequently when switching between different versions of H.A.
(Agreeing to "Clear Files" can appear to cause loss of custom data - see this old post ...);action=displ ay;num=1458928460;start=0
Ce message d’avertissement semble se produire plus fréquemment lors de la commutation entre des différentes versions de H.A.
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 10   General / PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro / Re: I cannot export full scores to midi  on: Apr 17th, 2021, 12:49am 
Started by Jon_Neukam | Last post by Jon_Neukam
Andre, thanks!
"Force played measures" does the trick.  
And that gives me a lot of playground to work with.  Thanks, again!
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