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General application menu

The General application menu is called "PDFtoMusic" on the Macintosh, and "?" on the PC.


Display information about PDFtoMusic: its version and the sound database currently used for playing music. You'll also see whether the program is registered or if you are using a trial version.
For any question about PDFtoMusic, please provide this information to technical support along with your questions about PDFtoMusic.


Opens this manual.


Go to our Website

Connects to the Myriad website

Go to the discussion forum
This forum is a place where you can discuss with other users, and where the authors of the program regularly weight in. It is designed to host discussion about general topics. For specific issues, it's recommended to send a problem report directly to the authors through the following menu option.

Send us an e-mail
You'll send a report directly to the authors, in order to ask a technical question.

WARNING: please be sure to provide a valid e-mail address, otherwise you won't get an answer from us!
When sending an e-mail to the authors through this option, all the necessary information about your hardware and software us automatically included, so you don't have to repeat them in your message.

It is possible, and even recommended, to attach a file that will illustrate your query.

Search for a score
You will search PDF files on the Internet using Kooplet.


Program language selection. This submenu allows you to select the language of the user interface.
Currently supported languages are English and French.

Note: on Mac OS X, language change is temporary and is kept only during the current session.
If you want to change language permanently, you can either: change the Finder language through the "International" control panel, or select the PDFtoMusic icon in the "Applications" subfolder, apply "Command+I", then deactivate the languages you are not interested in.


You are connected to the our online store, from where you can order our products.

Please consider that the playback quality of PDFtoMusic, as well as the audio file export (WAV, AIFF, MP3) can be drastically improved by using GOLD 2 sound base.

Input my registration code

This option is active only if your copy of the program is not registered yet. To do it, enter your personal details, as well as the personal license number that you received after your purchase. This operation has to be done only once.

Unregister the program

This option is active only if your copy of the program is registered. It wipes out the registration information. You have to do this when you sell your computer, or if you are using a computer other than yours.

Note: this is important, because you are personaly responsible for keeping the information related to your license confidential.

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