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"File" menu


Opens the window for selecting a PDF file from your hard disk. The file will be loaded and analyzed. Icons show the computation progress. You can cancel the operation at any point by either closing the document window, or by hitting the Esc key. You are then asked to confirm the cancellation process.

Open recent file

In this menu, PDFtoMusic shows the 32 last loaded PDF files. The last item in this menu erases this list.

Search the Internet

You will search PDF files on the Internet using Kooplet.


Closes the frontmost document. If you applied changes to the document that have not been saved yet, you are asked for a confirmation.


This submenu is active only if changes have been applied to the frontmost document.
Changes you made to the PDF document are saved, either in the PDF file itself, or in a separate file (depending on your settings in "Settings > Preferences", "Document" section)

Save as

Saves the PDF document under another name, embedding the changes you applied to it.
It enables you, for instance, to save a separate version of the PDF document that includes your amendments, while keeping the original version unaltered.
It is the only way to store your amendments into a PDF file when the setting for "Store Corrections to PDF file" is unchecked in General Document Preferences.
See this chapter for more details.


Provide various informations about the PDF file : creator, date, embeded fonts, etc.

Open with editor

The frontmost document is exported (in the file format defined in PDFtoMusic preferences) and opened with the related program.

Open PDF file with editor

The PDF file is opened with the editor defined in PDFtoMusic preferences.


Exports the frontmost document in any of the available file formats.
You can select the page(s) to be exported, as well as the parts.
Please refer to the file format description chapter for more information.

Batch process

This option enables you to convert a whole batch of files in a single operation. You just have to select the source folder that contains the PDF files to be processed, and a target folder where the result files will be stored.
- An option enables you to define that generated files will be stored in the source folder.
- A pop-up menu lets you select the export format (Cf "File format" chapter).
- An option enables PDFtoMusic to process also the PDF files stored into subfolders of the source folder.
- Another option prevents PDFtoMusic from processing files which are already present in the target folder.  It is useful when you abort a batch export then wish to resume it without restarting from the beginning.
- An additional option recreates the source folder tree into the targer folder.

You can cancel the operation at any point by either closing the document window, or by hitting the Esc key. You are then asked to confirm the cancellation process.

Partial process

You will define the range of processed pages. This will be applied to all documents, including the batch process.

Printer setup (MacOS only)

Setup for printing : paper size, printer, etc.


The PDF file will be printed.

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