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Required configuration
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Software setup
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Launching OMeR
1. making a picture file
2. building a document
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4. Improving recognition
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What's new?

This page describes the successive improvements of OMeR, in chronological reverse order.

=> OMeR 2.3,  September 2013

- Minor bugfixes
- Windows: compatibility w/ Windows 8

=> OMeR 2.2,  October 2008

- Macintosh: Universal Binary version
- Windows: Vista compatibility

=> OMeR 2.1,  July 2004

• New manual version
• Miscellaneous minor fixes
• Better processing of some characters
• Mac OS X: Loading and processing JPG, GIF, PDF, PNG, Photoshop, targa,TIFF,etc file using QuickTime.
• Mac OS X: Loading and processing multi-pages PDF files.

Minor version 2.1.1
• You can change the color of areas in general setup. The default color is purple.
• Macintosh: Font problem fixed.
• Windows: Work around for a bug in some HP drivers.

=> OMeR 2.0.1,  October 2003

• Fix : drag and drop on Macintosh
• Fix : update problem while changing scale
• New panel in general setup : colors for computed notes.

=> OMeR 2.0,  September 2003

• Help to recognition : feature to add an area that forces a symbol in the computing process.
• Computation tool palette.
• + and - keys change scale. Spacebar runs page computation.
• Tutorials : You can view the tutorials from the web site or directly from the program.
• Fix : "6" symbol recognition in time signature.
• New chapters in the manual.
• OMeR document files are now located in "Myriad Documents/OMeR/Documents"
• OMeR result files are now located in "Myriad Documents/OMeR/Results"

=> OMeR 1.6, May  2003

• Update for Mac OS X.2
• Updated GUI
• First implementation of TWAIN system under Mac OS X
• New general setup : enables not to load the previous document at startup
• New document setup : don't compute stem size.

NOTE about TWAIN and Mac OS X.
The TWAIN system allow a standard management of scanning devices.
With Mac OS X , the TWAIN is located in the system folder : System/Library/Frameworks/ TWAIN.frameworks.
TWAIN  is installed by default with Mac OS X.2 (Jaguar)
The TWAIN driver specific to your device must be installed in :"Library/Image Capture/TWAIN Data Sources"
You will find the TWAIN driver on the scanner manufacturer site.

=> OMeR 1.5, September  2001

• Miscellaneours fixes and enhancements
• Now processes incomplete (shorter) staves at document end
• First version for Mac OS X. As Twain driver are not available on Mac OS X, you ought to scan with your standard scanning program.
• The 68 K version is not  supported anymore.

=> OMeR 1.4, April  2001

• You can now define areas to be ignored on page : texts, diagrams, etc. Click on the picture to add an area, Shift+click (or right click on PC) to delete it. Areas can also be moved and resized. Areas are saved with the document.

=> OMeR 1.3.1, Mars  2001

• Fixed compatibility problems with Mac OS 9.1

=> OMeR 1.3, December 2000

• Fixed Miscellaneous problems.

=> OMeR 1.2.3, June 2000

• You can now use the Photoshop© acquire plug-ins PPC to scan from OMeR

=> OMeR 1.2, 11/23 1999

• You can now use the Photoshop© acquire plug-ins to scan from OMeR

=> OMeR 1.1, 11/10 1999

•Compatibility with Melody 4.1 and Harmony 6.1 : key change at any location.
• Problem with some Twain drivers (Canon, Mustech...) fixed.

 => OMeR 1.0.7, 9/16 1999

    • New Twain acquire feature :  check of image characteristics.
    • Problem with some Twain drivers (Canon, Mustech...) fixed.

=> OMeR 1.0.6, 9/15 1999

    • Some changes in the Twain options names.
    • Problem on BMP load fixed.
    • Problem on TIFF load fixed.
    • Problem with Cyrris based PC fixed.

 => OMeR 1.0.5, 9/13 1999

(first CDROM version)
    • Color cursors
    • Miscellanous bug fixed

=> OMeR 1.0.4, 9/10 1999

    • You can now launch an image editor from OMeR

=> OMeR 1.0.3, 9/9 1999

    • Path errors on Mac now fixed.
    • Auto set of the video inverse flag for scanner which invert the image.
    • Printable version of the manual
    • Miscellanous bug fixed

=> OMeR 1.0.2, Sept 7th 99

    • Code has been sped up
    • Twain connection : bugs fixed.
    • Miscellanous bugs fixed.
    • A "Demos" folder is now provided with some picture samples.

=> OMeR 1.0.1, Sept 9th 99

    • Code has been sped up  (50% faster on PPC or Pentium, 20 times on 68K)
    • Diagnosis display corrected.
    • Twain connections errors corrected..

=> OMeR 1.0.0, september the 1st  1999

    First version.

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