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Required configuration
What's new?
Software setup
Document setup
Launching OMeR
1. making a picture file
2. building a document
3. Computing a document
4. Improving recognition
How to order
Technical information
Problem report
Printable manual

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Technical Information

File types used by OMeR are :

Picture files in  BMP, PICT, TIFF format. TIFF files are slower to load, and use more memory. Use instead BMP or PICT files if possible.

OMeR document files. Document files store the document's page list, as well as associated special processing. In this file is also stored the software setup for this document. Document file names are followed by "lsf" extension (List of Scan Files).
A document file doesn't include page pictures, but only a link to their name on your hard disk. Thus, don't move or delete picture files composing this document.

It's recommended to create a folder for each document, containing the whole page picture files as well as the matching "lsf" file.

OMeR result file. This file is generated by OMeR and automatically or manually loaded by Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant. Extension for these files is always "msf" (Music Scan File). OMeR generates these files in its "Results" folder.

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