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1. making a picture file
2. building a document
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Second step 

Building a document

A musical document is usually made of several pages. Each page is stored in an independent file. Names of these pages are stored in an OMeR file, with "lsf" extension (List of Scan Files).

To help you managing these pages, each page appears as an icon in the page list. Current page is surrounded in red and viewed in bigger size in the main window.

Moving and deleting pages in a document

Copy/paste rules applies to this page list. <>Thus :
To insert a page : click between the previous an next page. An horizontal red line shows the insert location. Select then Document>Add page to insert a page from an existing picture file, or Document>Scanner : Acquire to acquire it from your scanner. Page will be added at this location.

Tip : You can use drag & drop to add a picture file to your document. Select a file on the desktop and drop it on an OMeR window.

To delete a page : click on the page icon. It becomes the current page. Select then Edit>Cut or Edit>Erase.

To move a page : click on the page icon. It becomes the current page. Select then Edit>Cut. Then click in the list on the location you want the page to be inserted. Select Edit>Paste.

You can undo the last operation by Edit>Undo.

Special processing

You can select special processing to each page :

Invert Black/White : if your scanner inverts white and black, it reverses it (black symbols on white background are necessary for your page to be processed).

Rotate : if your page hasn't be scanned in the right direction, you can rotate it.

Dust removal : erases little dots which can disturb recognition. Dust removal strength can be adjusted.

Threshold : if your page has been scanned in color or gray levels, defines from which value gray is considered as black. Threshold level can be adjusted.

Erase margins : if black areas are surrounding your picture, erases them. Erased area appears in light yellow.

These options are stored in the "lsf" document and applied to page before being processed. Processing result is showed in the main window. Since these options are applied each time page picture is loaded, they can noticeably slow down OMeR.

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