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Required configuration
What's new?
Software setup
Document setup
Launching OMeR
1. making a picture file
2. building a document
3. Computing a document
4. Improving recognition
How to order
Technical information
Problem report
Printable manual

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How to order 

To order a software license and thus access to the whole features, use the order form included in Melody Assistant, Harmony Assistant or OMeR .

Direct payment in cash

You can also send us a post mail including your name and address and your hardware configuration, along with your payment of 20 euros or US$25 by using the order form below. Note however that sending cash by post mail is not secure. When possible, please use another payment method.

First name:

City :
Country :
e-mail (optional) :

I order OMeR for : ( ) Macintosh   ( ) Windows

I already own : ( ) Melody Assistant  ( ) Harmony Assistant
The five first characters of my registration code are : _ _ _ _ _

()  I do not own neither Melody nor Harmony Assistant

I discovered OMeR :

( ) On a magazine CD-ROM :
( ) On the Web
( ) A friend told me about it
( ) Other (please precise) :

My remarks :

Send back this form, along with your payment of 20 euros or US$25 to :
26 rue Michel de Montaigne
F-31200 Toulouse

International postal money order

    Go to your local post office and ask for sending your fee (20 euros or US$20) to our postal account in France :
Account owner name :    Myriad  
Account owner address : 26 rue Michel de Montaigne
                        31200 Toulouse, FRANCE
Account number (IBAN) : FR 75 20041 01016 0652487S037 64

Bank Identifier Code (BIC or SWIFT): PSSTFRPPTOU
Account address       : La Banque Postale
                        Centre de Toulouse
                        31900 Toulouse Cedex 9

Important :
Please ensure that your money order can be cashed in France.

For example, US Postal Service's money orders are NOT accepted in France.

Anyway, please also send us by regular or electronic mail your coordinates (or printed registration form) and reference of your money order.


Secure payments via credit card

If you live in France or Europe (euro currency), go to :

If you live in another country, you can pay in US dollars through :

Processing of your credit card on the Internet can take a few hours. After this delay, you will receive a confirmation message, saying your order has been taken into account.
You will then receive your registration code.

After your payment is received, we send back your personal registration number.

Then run OMeR and enter your name and address and this registration number in the code input window then OK.
Your copy is now registered, and you won't have to enter your code anymore, even if you install a new version of OMeR.

You are personally responsible for this code, and must ensure its confidentiality.
If you sell your computer, unregister your copy by using "?>Unregister my copy"(PC) or "Apple>Unregister my copy" (Macintosh).

(c) Myriad 2008 - All rights reserved