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Required configuration
What's new?
Software setup
Document setup
Launching OMeR
1. making a picture file
2. building a document
3. Computing a document
4. Improving recognition
How to order
Technical information
Problem report
Printable manual

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OMeR's interface

On screen, you can see :

Menu bar

Apple menu on Mac or "?" on PC

    "About ..."

    Display information about the software. For any question about the program, please quote this information in your message.
    Indicate also your scanner and computer model, your operating system version, the OMeR version...


    Loads this manual.


    Changes the language used in the software.


    If you want to order a license for one of our programs, select this option and enter your complete coordinates. It prints an order form. You'll receive soon by e-mail or post mail your personal registration number.

    "Enter my registration number"

    Registers your OMeR copy and grants you the access to the whole features. Don't forget your registration number is confidential. If used by a third party, it will be invalidated and will become unusable for current and future versions of OMeR.

    "Unregister my copy"

    Erases your registration number. Necessary when you are selling your computer or if you want to use temporarily OMeR on another computer.

"File" menu

    First options of this menu deal with documents : you can create, load or save a document file. There is only one document at a time in memory. A document can be made of as many pages you want.
    Note for Macintosh users :
    As you can seen we tried to make the Windows' interface as close as possible as it is on Macintosh, not to disconcert users who switch from a computer to another. In the same way, we recommend you to use the file extensions, even if not necessary on Macintosh.

    "New document"

    Creates a new empty document.

    "Open document..."

     Opens a document ("lfs" extension). Pages composing the document are located. If not found at the given location, they are searched at the same level as the "lfs" document.

    "Save document..."

    Saves the current document.

    "Save  document as ..."

    Saves the document with another name.

    "Activate ..."

    If Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant is installed on your computer, it is launched or activated. You can also configure your document to make it launch Harmony-Melody and play the tune as soon as processed. (See "File>Preferences)

    "Edit image"

    Launch any external editor program. You can define it in File>Preferences. Please note that all modified images will be automatically updated by OMeR.


    General software setup.


    Closes the application. Files generated during this session are memorized. These files will be loaded automatically by Melody or Harmony when activated. If you launch OMeR again, this list of processed files is cleared.

"Edit" menu

    Enables to manage the page list by cut-paste-erase. See below for an example.


    Cancel the last operation made on the page list or on the current page.


    Copies information about the current page in the clipboard and erase it. Current page is deleted from the page list.


    Copies information about the current page in the clipboard.


    Pastes information in the clipboard to the current location in the page list.


    Deletes information about current page. Clipboard content is unchanged.


    Information about a page in the clipboard is inserted before the current location in the page list. If the page already exists, nothing is made.

"Document" menu


    Opens the document processing setup window. For a detailed description see "Document setup"

    "Scanner : Select Plug-in"

    Select a Photoshop plug-in. The plug-in must be in the OMeR "Plug-ins"folder.

    "Scanner : Select source Twain"

    Calls the Twain driver and opens the scanning program selection box.

    "Scanner  : Acquire"

    Calls the Twain driver or the Photoshop plug-in, opens the scanning window and adds the scanned page to the page list.

    "Add page"

    Adds a page to the page list : after selecting the picture file, this page will be added to the page list. If this page is already present in the page list, this operation only activates the required page.

"Page" menu

    Options in this menu apply to the current page. These options are stored in the document file and applied each time a page file is loaded. You'll find also in this menu the scanned page quality analysis functions.

    “Display Quality”

    A dialog box informs you about the quality of the scanned page. Please note you can ask for this bow to be displayed each time a page is added to the document (see File>Preferences)

    "Rotate 180°"

    Image is rotated by 180°.

    "Rotate 90° clockwise"

    Image is rotated 90° clockwise.

    "Rotate 90° counterclockwise"

    Image is rotated 90° counterclockwise.

    "Invert black/white"

    Image is inverted : white becomes black and black becomes white.
    Be careful : it can strongly interact with margin suppression.

    "Delete margins"

    All full area around the page are deleted. They are displayed in light yellow to let you see them anyway.

    "Dust removal"

    "Increase dust removal"

    "Decrease dust removal"

    Deletes little black pixels on white area, or white pixels on black area. Dust removal strength can be adjusted.


    "Increase Threshold"

    "Decrease Threshold"

    For pictures not in black and white, changes all pixels whose intensity is lower than the threshold value to white, the other in black.
    Threshold value can be adjusted.

"Windows" menu

    This menu contains all operations about activity and look of OMeR's windows.


hide/show the window showing the current page.


hide/show the window showing the document.


hide/show the window showing the tutorials

"Area Tools"

hide/show the area tool palette. Areas enable you to force the computation of symbols. This is described later in the "Improving recognition" chapter.

"Computation Tools"

 hide/show the computation tool palette.

"Increase scale"

increase the scale used to display the current page.

"Decrease scale"

decrease the scale used to display the current page.

"Full screen"

the window where is displayed the curret page will take up the full screen.

"See all"

 compute the scale view in order to see all the page.

"Original size"

set the scale view to 1.

"Gray image"

set the image color to gray in order to see the computation results more readable.

"Show result"

after computation, show/hide the computation result.

"Show removed symbol"

after computation, show/hide symbols recognized by OMeR but removed. These symbols are displayed in orange..

The windows

A document window

    which displays as icons the list of pages in the document. The current page is surrounded in red.
    This window can be resized.

    Shortcuts are available at the left bottom of the window:

    : add a page to the document from a file.
    : add a page to the document from the scanner.
    : delete the selected page.
    : compute the document.

A page window

    which displays the current page. You can change the display scale of this window. Window title shows the name of the page file, as well as its size in width and height.
    This window can be resized.

    Shortcuts are available at the left bottom of the window:

    : compute and display the page quality.
    : Image is rotated by 180°.
    : invert the display mode from black to grey.
    : invert the display mode of the computed notes.
    : increase the scale factor.
    : decrease the scale factor.
    : compute the page.

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