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Required configuration
What's new?
Software setup
Document setup
Launching OMeR
1. making a picture file
2. building a document
3. Computing a document
4. Improving recognition
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Technical information
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question : OMeR does not process well the time signature (3/4, 4/4) or the key signature (sharp and flat symbols near the clef). Can I improve this ?
Use Document>Configuration, Signature : manual. At the beginning of the recognition process, you will be asked for  key and time signature.
Question : How to print the whole manual?
Select "Printable Manual" in the left frame of this screen. Then, print the page with your web browser (File>Print).
Question : On a page, bars have not been taken into account. What can I do ?
Ensure your page is horizontal. If not, acquire it again.
Check whether extra drawing (Lyrics, annotations, chord diagrams...) are present between staves. If yes, erase them with a picture drawing program.

Question : How to know whether my scanner driver is Twain-compatible ?
Several  solutions :
• Read your scanner user's manual
• Try to call the driver from OMeR ("File> Scanner:Acquire")
• On Windows, file "c:\windows\twain_32.dll" must be present in your system folder
• On Mac OS X, the TWAIN driver specific to your device must be installed in :"Library/Image Capture/TWAIN Data Sources". If a TWAIN driver is not provided with your scanner, you can use SANE :

Question : I've made a document including several pages, and I want to move it to another folder or another computer.
How to do this ?
To ensure all pages in the document will be found, copy them at the same level as the "lsf" file. You can transfer your files between Windows and Macintosh without any conversion, because file formats are compatible.
Questions : Some musical symbols are ignored by OMeR. What can I do ?
or : Some musical symbols are added by OMeR. What can I do ?
1) Check the good quality of your picture (see chapter "Making a picture file")
2) Check your document setup (see chapter "Document setup”)
Question : At the end of each staff, OMeR adds en empty bar. How to remove it ?
1) Ensure you asked for margins erasing.
2) Check whether there are dots or lines on the right of your picture, and if necessary erase them with a picture drawing program.

Question : Scanned image is displayed in light yellow on white background, or in white on black bckground. What may I do ?
The picture acquired by your scanner is in reverse contrast. You can select option "Invert black/white" in "Page" menu, or while scanning your page, selecting a black on white contrast in your scanner driver.

Question : How to speed up processing ?
OMeR processing time depends on your computer speed and the amount of operations on each picture.

To speed up the software interface you can disable diagnosis each time a new page is loaded (see chapter software setup)
You can also try to disable some image processing options like dust removal or margins elimination.

Processing speed itself can be increased by asking not to find tuplets, ties or effects (see chapter document setup).
We hope to be able to speed up processing in the next releases.
Question : Each time I try to scan a page, an error is displayed. What can I do ? OR
I start scanning a page and nothing happens. What can I do ?
With another software, try to acquire a page with the same parameters than under OMeR to check your scanner configuration.
With OMeR, try to unselect option "Enhanced mode" in the "Twain" thumb index of  software setup.
If it still does not work, send us a problem report.

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