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Required configuration
What's new?
Software setup
Document setup
Launching OMeR
1. making a picture file
2. building a document
3. Computing a document
4. Improving recognition
How to order
Technical information
Problem report
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Software Setup

This is the general setup for the software. It defines the whole software behavior. To define it, use the "File" menu, "Preferences" option.

"Factory" button sets the default value for all the thumb indexes.

Software setup window groups options by theme. Click on the thumb index or on button to change theme.

General (General Setup)

This setup defines how OMeR will react.

    Display quality in window title bar
        General diagnosis will be displayed in the page title.

    Display quality each time a page is created
        When a page is added to to the list, diagnosis dialog box is automatically opened.

    Enable sound Fx
        Enables playing sound effects after some operations.

    Zoom windows at startup
        At startup zooms windows to their maximum size.

    Display splash-screen
        Displays the OMeR splash-screen at startup.

    Image Editor
        Select the image editor program linked with OMeR.

Scanner (Twain Configuration)

 This setup define how OMeR use the Twain protocol.
    Enhanced Mode
      If your Twain driver can transfer image by file, you can use this option to reduce the amount of memory used.
      Some drivers (like Vitascan or Magiscan from UMAX) don't handle this Twain option.
    Debug Mode
      If you have problem while scanning, activate this option an read the report form chapter of this manual.

    Assist Mode
      If this mode is on, after the scanning the picture depth and resolution will be checked.

Save (File Saving setup)

When you ask OMeR for computing a complete document or a single page, a "msf" result file is created in the "Results" folder. You can load this file from Harmony-Melody, but also ask for the file to be loaded automatically as soon as Harmony or Melody is activated.
You can therefore ask for Melody-Harmony to be activated and the document loaded, viewed and played as soon as it is processed.
    Generated files will be loaded automatically by Harmony and Melody :
        Melody or Harmony will automatically load files created by OMeR.

    Melody or Harmony will be activated automatically :
        After every computation Melody or Harmony will be bring  to the front.

    Generated file will be played at once :
        The file will be played automatically.

Advice: It is highly recommended to select this automatic activating option. Doing so, you'll switch automatically to the editing mode of Harmony or Melody as soon as OMeR has computed a document, and you'll then be able to listen, modify or print the result.
(modifying or printing the generated file needs your OMeR copy to be registered)

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