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Required configuration
What's new?
Software setup
Document setup
Launching OMeR
1. making a picture file
2. building a document
3. Computing a document
4. Improving recognition
How to order
Technical information
Problem report
Printable manual

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Problem report

Before all :

    Ensure first you own the latest version of OMeR. If not, download the latest version from our Web site : and check whether the problem persists.

 If you have a scanning problem with OMeR :

    Ensure you have the latest version of your scanner driver. You will find this information on the manufacturer's Internet site.
  • In the menu "File>Preference>Twain"  check the enhanced mode is off.
  • In the menu "File>Preference>Twain"  select the debug mode.
  • Scan a page with OMeR
  • Deselect the debug mode
  • In the OMeR folder you will find a file called 'DebugTwain.txt'. This file includes all commands sent by OMeR to your scanner. Send us this file by email.

 If you have an image recognition problem :

    Check first the picture file size. If the size exceed 800Kb, this mean you didn't followed the scanning requirement. If the file size is ok, send it to "" with a precise description of your problem.

How contact us ?

    Send an e-mail at "" describing your hardware and software configuration, along with a precise description of your problem.
    Don't forget to include the OMeR version number.

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