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Virtual Singer

Jazz Scat

In the lyrics related to a staff, you can insert invisible commands to make Virtual Singer automatically generate "scat" syllables to sing for notes not linked to a syllable in your written lyrics.

Invisible commands are text written between square brackets.

The command [scat:xxxxxx] (where xxxxxx is a string which defines the words to be sung) activates this mode.  Following this command, notes without a linked syllable will be sung with the defined words.

If you insert this command at the beginning of a staff, all notes in the staff will be sung this way.
Note that you can insert several [scat:xxxx] commands in a single staff. This lets you change the way notes are sung anywhere on the staff.
The command [noscat] deactivates this mode.

If you enter a single word after [scat: , this word will be sung on each note of the staff. For example, if you write [scat:Doo], the word "Doo" will be sung on every note of the staff.
If you write several words separated by a semicolon between the brackets, the word will be chosen based on the note pitch. For example, the command [scat:C;D;E;F;G;A;B] will make Virtual Singer sing the note names.  If you write 12 words instead of 7, the semitone of the note will be used to select the matching word.

Instead of a single word, you can also write several words separated by a comma. When the matching note or semitone value is found, the word to sing will be randomly chosen from among the list of possible words.

    Warning! The word is then selected randomly, so the text to be sung will change each time the voice track is generated.

As you probably noticed, you can use this method to generate Jazz Scat automatically and with a minimum effort.

Choose a staff containing a Jazz solo, set its mode to "Staff with lyrics" and enter the command:


in the lyrics text to get a "scat" voice depending on note pitches: C note will be sung as "Pah", C# will be sung as "Doo", D will be sung as "Bee", E will be sung randomly either as "Wah" or as "Tah"...

You can also use the command:

to make the sound be chosen randomly from this list, whatever the note pitch may be.

In summary: what will be sung in a staff?

  • If the staff includes lyrics, they will be sung.
  • If the staff is defined as a "staff with lyrics" but the lyrics are left empty, notes will be sung with "La-La".
  • If the staff is defined as a "staff with lyrics" but the lyrics only contain one command, for example [Oooh], notes will be sung with this word.
  • If the staff is not defined as "staff with lyrics" but is a shaped-note staff, the notes will be sung according to the selected mode (4 or 7 shapes, with or without accidentals).
  • If the staff is not defined as "staff with lyrics" but is a gregorian staff, the notes will be sung with "La-La".

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