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Virtual Singer

Bibliography & Thanks


We wish to thank everyone who helped us build and improve this program (apologies to anyone I forget):

Beta-testing and bug-hunting

B.J. Ash
Roland Couty
Philippe Deschamp
Andrea Dolcetti
Patricia Faure
Bruno Furlano
Jerry Gamble
Hans-Erik Lehndal
Paul Mercer
Carmel Morris
Cleodhna Nightshade
Eric Paget
Harry Singkoh
Jérémie Vautard

FaSoLa (shaped-note) solmization

Gina Balestracci
Karen Willard
Martha Henderson

and everyrone at

English phonetics

Kay Dekker
Jim Dicecco
David Griffith
Arthur Ingram
Ivan Manson
John W. Morgan

Spanish phonetics

Yannick Marchegay

Italian phonetics

Harry Singkoh

Finnish phonetics

More Karvonen
Kari Reiman

Japanese phonetics

Nobumasa Sato

German phonetics
Karl Anders
Christian Bayet
Wolfgang Boehmig
Nicole Franz
Lou Gruber
Christian Knappke

Occitan phonetics

Jean Pierre Bonnal
Patricia Faure

Bibliography and links

We also wish to thank the authors whose texts helped us learn a lot about voice synthesis.

Monique and François Léon, La prononciation du Français, Nathan, 1997.

Dennis Klatt, Review of text-to-speech conversion for English, 1987.

Dennis Klatt, Software for a cascade /parallel formant synthesizer, 1980,

Michael W. Macon, Speech Synthesis Based on Sinusoidal Modeling, 1996.
It is with profound sorrow that we must announce the death of Mike Macon. Mike died on Thursday, March 15th 2001, in the midst of a heroic battle with lymphoma due to secondary complications of his treatment.

M Slemmett, Thesis, ,1999.

Fréderic J Harris, On the use of Windows for Harmonic Analysis with the Discrete Fourier Transform, 1978.

Jean Piché & Peter J. Nix, HTML Csound Manual, 1994.

Thierry Dutoit, A Short Introduction to Text-to-Speech Synthesis, 1998.

St. Louis Metro Singers, American Guild of Organists, Pronunciation of Church Latin,

SAMPA (Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet),, 1999

FaSoLa web site, Information about FaSoLa (shape-notes notation, solmization):

Finnish language:

Italian language:

Japanese language:

(c) Myriad - All rights reserved