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Creating a new tune

Entering chords on the second staff

On the bass (second) staff, we are going to place chords to accompany your melody.
To help you place notes, if you are not very familiar with musical theory, here is the list of notes you are going to use, along with their position on the staff:

            __ treble G __
               treble F
            __ E __
            __ C __
______________ A ________________ Topmost line
______________ F  ________________



___________________________________ Bottom line

In the first bar, we're going to begin with a  C major chord in its 2nd inversion, that is to say: G, C and E.

Select a half-note  and drop a G into the first bar of the bass staff (see above to get the position of G on the staff).
Then drop a C above this note. To help you, when moving the mouse, the note to be dropped must show a + symbol which indicates that this note will be dropped in the same column as an existing note.
The C appears in the same column as the G: these two notes will be played at the same time. Then place an E (two leger lines above the topmost line of the staff), also in the same chord. Your chord is complete.

To the right of this chord, place the same chord again, still with half-notes. The first bar is complete:

Tip: Rather than entering the same three notes again, you could use the copy/paste option:
  • Choose the Selection (lasso) tool in the floating edit palette.
  • Click to the left of the chord already placed on the staff and keep the button pressed down.
  • Drag the mouse to the right so that the selection encompasses the chord.
  • Release the mouse button
  • Select Edit>Copy (Command-C)
  • Click in the place you want this chord to be duplicated (to the right of the first one)
  • Select Edit>Paste (Command-V)

  • Do not forget to return to note insertion mode (pencil and note icon).

In the second bar, place the same chord again.
Tip: If you used the copy and paste options to insert the second chord, you can simply select "Paste" again.

Then place an A minor chord, made of half-notes A, C and E as above.
The second bar is complete.

In the third bar, place an F major chord, made of A, C (as above) and F.
Next place a C major chord, identical to those in the first bar.
The third bar is complete.

In the fourth and last bar, place a D minor chord, made of A, D and F.
Then select a quarter note duration .

Place a G chord (G-B-D) and an inverted G chord (B-D-treble G)

If you did not make a mistake, you should have something like this:

Play the tune 

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