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What is RealSinger?

RealSinger is a Virtual Singer extension that allows you to use more realistic voices to sing lyrics.
The method for generating synthesized voices is different from that used by the regular Virtual Singer.

Virtual Singer's voice generation algorithms, as described in the Technical background chapter, use
completely artificial voices, produced with the Formant synthesis method.

RealSinger algorithms are based on recordings of real human voice elements. These voice samples are then processed to extract the voicing parameters for each phoneme. This unique process enables us to get around the biggest problem with the usual Recorded elements connection method: by keeping only the voicing information, data files for describing and storing a voice are extremely short (usually less than 1 Mb for a full voice in one language), and the voice can be re-synthesized at any pitch without noticeable distortion.

How does it work?

To be able to sing using a new voice, RealSinger needs a recorded sample of each phoneme of a given language, spoken (or sung) by the same speaker (or singer). It then processes all these sound samples and extracts the voicing parameters for each phoneme. The voicing parameter data can then be either embedded in the document file itself, or saved into a separate file to be re-used later in another piece.

To generate a voice following the lyrics and melody, specialized algorithms are used to process pitch changes and to simulate coarticulation (smooth transitions between two consecutive phonemes).

How do I use RealSinger voices?

RealSinger voices are selected in the same way as regular Virtual Singer voices. They are marked by an RS icon in the voice list.

Simply select one of these voices in the voice list to have a staff sung by RealSinger.

For more information about how to have a staff sung by Virtual Singer or RealSinger, please read the appropriate chapters.

You can record your own voice to build a new RealSinger voice file. The following chapters explain how to record, and how to adjust settings for this new voice.

RealSinger provides more realistic sung voices, but the computing time is longer, and the voices can be less versatile (best within a smaller pitch range). Therefore, it is generally best to use a standard Virtual Singer voice while creating a sung piece, and only select and adjust the RealSinger voice at the very end, once the piece is completed.

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