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   What is "quantizing"?
When a musician plays a piece on a keyboard, the striking and duration of notes are not perfectly in time, because the musician is a human being and so imperfect.

The Quantize option of the Edit menu applies intelligent processing to the selected notes. The timing and duration of the notes will be modified, giving a visible result that corrects the little inaccuracies of the performer.

How does it work?
All these parameters can be selected in the quantize configuration box.

Quantize power can be more or less strong. A minimal power will only fix little mistakes (below a 32th or a 64th note), while a strong power will fix big mistakes, up to the duration of a quarter note.

User can select whether triplets have to be detected during the quantizing process (by ticking Allow triplets option)

He can also select whether short notes have to be considered as grace notes (Allow grace notes) and then select the duration, in millisecond, below which a note is considered as a grace (grace note maximal duration)

At last, quantize can show on score a longer (or shorter) note that what is actually played. Note is then played "staccato" or "tenuto". The user can decide whether these symbols will appear on score (Compute staccato mark and Compute tenuto mark).     

When is it used?
Quantize is used:
• When you select 'Quantize' in the Edit menu.
• When you input notes from a device
• When you load a MIDI or CMF file (depending on the Global Setup option).

How to set up quantizing parameters when importing a MIDI file?

You can determine whether a minimal quantize is applied automatically to the loaded document, whether no quantize at all is applied, or whether you want to configure it manually. This is done with the "Midi" tab of Configuration>Global setup.
Is quantizing always effective?
No. Quantizing alters the timing and duration of notes, so ill-judged settings can noticeably affect the rendition of the music.

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