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Creating a new tune
Changing the name of a staff and resizing it
Changing the name of a staff
Above the treble clef is the staff name. By default, it has been set at "Piano". We are going to change to "Main".
Find the little black triangle above the icons in the staff's left margin  .
Click on it, and the staff configuration menu opens. You can, with this menu, access all the staff configuration options.
Note : 
Some of these actions, like instrument selection, can be accessed faster by clicking on the icons below the black triangle.
In the staff menu, select "Rename" and type in the new staff name: "Main".
Confirm your actions: the new name is displayed above the treble clef

Resizing the staff

We are now going to resize the screen area reserved for the top staff. Click on the horizontal red line below the staff configuration icons in the staff margin and drag the cursor down.
The space allotted to the first staff is enlarged, while the second staff (bass clef) is shifted down. When you consider that the allocated space is wide enough, release the mouse button (try, however, to have both staves visible on screen).

You will have noticed that the treble staff remained at the top of its area. To center it, drag down the lower red triangle. The staff is then repositioned within its enlarged space.

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