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How to make an audio CD 

If you want to create an audio CD of your favourite tunes, this chapter will describe step by step what to do. Do not worry, it is quite simple.

Hardware and Software

You will need :

Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant in a registered version. Version numbers used in this chapter are Melody 4.0 and Harmony 6.0. If you own a previous version, some menu locations may be different.

A CD recorder. This device enables your computer to write data on CD-Rs.

A CD recording utility. In this example, we chose Toast Pro V 3.5.5 on the Macintosh, Nero Burning Rom in Windows.

An empty CD-R.

Creating files

a) Check that your hard disk has enough space left. A full audio CD can contain more than 600 Mb.

b)  Create a new folder on your hard disk. It will receive the files to be written to CD. We will call this folder "My CD"

c) Launch Harmony or Melody.

d) Load the music file with "File>Open"

e) Check the current playing mode is "Play the whole tune" and not "Play selection range only"

f) Set any desired general digital effects for this file.

g) Select "File>Export>AIFF" on Macintosh or "File>Export>Wav" on Windows

h) In the export window, check the output is 44Khz, Stereo, 16 bits

i) Click "Save". Select the folder "My CD" created previously, and OK. A file is created.

j) Close the document

k) Repeat from d) for all your tunes

Your files have been created, you can then close Melody or Harmony.

Burning the CD

a) Launch the burning (CD recorder) program

b) Select audio CD  format

In Toast Pro, choose the "Format>Audio CD" menu item.
In Nero Burning Rom open the "New compilation" window if it does not open automatically and click on theAudio CD icon. Then click on the "New" button. An empty list opens.

c) Drag and drop all the files from the "My CD" folder into the window. A file list is created.

In Toast Pro, you can reorder your tracks by clicking on the Audio button and moving items in the list.

d) Once all tracks are in the right order, you can start burning the CD.

In Toast Pro, click "Record" and insert an empty CD-R. 
In Nero Burning Rom , click "Write" and insert an empty CD-R

 That is all. You now have an audio CD containing your tunes. Astonishing, is it not ? 

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