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Technical Help
If you encounter a problem with the software, here is the procedure to follow

First read the "FAQ chapters" in this documentation to ensure that the answer is not already given there.

Then check the rest of the documentation.

If it is a user interface problem, carefully read the help window in the software to learn the function of the various options.

Check that you own the most recent software version. If not, download it from the Internet, or order it (chapter "Software License")

If you still cannot solve your problem,  contact us in the following way:

Send us an e-mail at:
A quick answer is guaranteed (provided that your return address is valid. Check it.)

To speed up the processing of your question, however, you must use one of the forms below.

Select the "Problem report form" if it is a problem due to a software malfunction, or the "Technical question form" if it is a question about the software and its functions.

Note :  Your questions will not be answered if they are already solved in the "FAQ" chapters of this documentation.

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