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Myriad HQ

Digital High-Definition
Myriad HQ logo design by Gaël Martin

To store a sound digitally, the computer gets the value of air pressure on the microphone membrane, thousands of times per seconds. This list of values (samples) makes the digital sound, that can be stored, processed by mathematical operations, or replayed by the reverse process.

Quality of a digital sound is therefore defined by two values:

- Its sample rate, which is the number of samples per second

- The sample "depth", in bits, which is the accuracy of  each value, the number of different values each sample can take

The "Audio CD" quality is: 44100 Hz sample rate (44100 samples per second) in 16 bits, i.e. 2^16 = 65536 possible values.
Our products manage this quality without the Myriad HQ module.

With the Myriad HQ module, it's possible to use up to:

- 96000 Hz sample rate, more that the double, for a finer mesh, thus better high-pitched sounds, a better sound dynamic, and a decrease of noise ratio.

- 32 bits deep samples, 65000 times more accurate than an audio CD, to avoid metallic tones (aliasing) and get a better accuracy in quite sounds

These quality improvements can be applied to:

- The digital output, on which you listen to your score

- Uncompressed digital export (WAV) to process your audio data in another application

- Digital input from microphone or line in

- Digital tracks in your document, that can be mixed together of with regular music staves

Please be careful however, data in top quality are 4.35 times bigger than classic data

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