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Virtual Singer


On the Internet, you can buy or download Midi files or ABC files that include lyrics.

The extension for these files is .KAR, .MID. or .ABC.

For obvious reasons of copyright, we cannot distribute such files on our Website without permission from their authors. So please do not ask us for such files...

Anyway, some of these files do not follow the guidelines described on the next page. Some syllables might not be linked to a note, punctuation might be omitted...

In that case, you will have to use Harmony/Melody to edit and correct the lyrics. In addition, in a Midi file, no information is provided about the connection between the lyrics themselves and the melody staff. You will have to connect the lyrics to a staff in the dialog box which opens when a Midi file is imported. It this box opens several times in a row, it means several sets of lyrics have been found in the Midi file.

    Warning! Some authors of Midi Karaoke files use lyrics staves to include Copyright information or lists of chord names!

In the most extreme cases, a Midi file can even include lyrics text without a matching melody. In this situation, there is no simple way to make this file work properly.

In order to guide you, Melody/Harmony marks the most probable melody staves with a *. The beginning of the lyrics text is displayed to help you decide whether you want to keep it or not.

Generally, simply clicking on "OK" in this window will be enough.

Of course, no information about the voice to be used is included in a Midi file. The program adapts the standard voice to the pitch range of the selected staff.

Please also note that melody staves are frequently shifted by several octaves. Virtual Singer allows you to apply an octave shift to the voice in order to adjust the pitch range.

Once these settings have been made, do not forget to save your pieces in standard Melody/Harmony file format.

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