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Creating a new tune

Entering comments and printing

You can put comments on the first page of a printed score. To edit them, select File>Comment.
Enter the tune title (Jingle Bells), the composer (James Pierpont, 1857) and the remarks (for example, "Christmas song") and confirm. 
Tip: At the bottom of this window, you can read information about the file, including the time spent on this tune. Interesting, but also depressing at times!

Now select File>Print>Score

A print preview appears and you can see what the printed page will look like.
By clicking the "Options" button, you can then choose what you want to be printed. Check Print infos on first page and deselect the other options. Finally, on the list at the bottom, ensure that your two staves (Main and Bass) are marked with a little printer icon.
OK this box and select your usual printer settings.
Then click on "Print page".

Note: It is only possible to print one page with the trial version of Harmony Assistant.

With an unregistered version of Melody Assistant, you can print, but a message will remind you to register for a modest sum if you enjoy this software.
Of course, this message will disappear as soon as your copy is registered.

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