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Myriad HQ

External sound modules
Myriad HQ logo design by Gaël Martin

With Myriad HQ, you can use external sound modules (VSTi v2.4 - 32 bit format) in your tunes.

The VST format is developed by Steinberg, and modules can be designed by miscellaneous companies. By experience, implementation is not always perfect, and using some of these modules can lead to errors, malfunctions or crashs, without letting us any control over it.

We established a list of VSTi modules we could try during our test phase. This list is provided for information purposes. Details about each matches what we could experience at the time of our tryout, and can't be considered as an authoritative description of what any user can actually get.


Setting up external modules

The location on your Hard Disk where your external module collection is stored hasn't been completely standardised by the technical specifications.
There is actually a folder in which they are stored, but its use isn't mandatory. Your modules can then be stored anywhere on your hard disk. In Harmony or Melody Assistant, you can specify their actual location.

Open "Cofiguration > Global setup", "External modules" section.
By default (check box) the program will look for the modules in "standard" folders. But you can also build here your personal folder list, in which modules will be searched for.
Use the Add or Delete buttons to do this.

When adding a folder, by default it appears in "non-recursive" search mode, which means the program will search for modules at the folder root only, and NOT in its subfolders.
To change this, and search the whole subfolder tree, click "non-recursive" to change it to "recursive"

The "Test" button shows the list of VSTi modules that can be found in the current folder list. This operation can take some time, the program having to check compatibility of all newly found modules.

Using an external module

Edit the instrument related to a staff ("Staves > Edit related instrument")
Select "External module"
In the list on the left, all the available VSTi modules
In the list on the right, the sounds provided by the selected module.
Click "Edit" to change manually the sound settings, using the interface provided by the module.

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