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The Internet

Internet access is available directly from the program.
There are four operating modes:
    • Connecting to our main Web page
    • Connecting to the Melody/Harmony Users Web board
    • Sending us an e-mail
    • Downloading a program update
You will find all these commands in the "Internet" sub-menu of the System Menu ("Apple" or Melody/Harmony on Macintosh, "?" on Windows).

Connecting to our main Web page

Your default Web browser will be launched and a connection to established.

Connecting to the Melody/Harmony Users Web board

On this Web page, anybody can post requests, questions or answers to other users:
On this page you will find all messages posted during the last couple of months.

You are a registered user and you lost your registration code?

Go to:

And retrieve your code in just a few minutes.

The Democratic Workshop

The Democratic Workshop is a new and convenient way to participate in software product development.
We think our products are made for customers first, so it is natural to let them express their needs and be more active in the development process, by voicing their own opinions or suggesting new features.

The latest, current and future improvements of our products are listed, and you can give us your opinions. By voting and arguing for a given item, you can change its importance in the wish list, and thus speed up its actual development. You can also suggest an item not yet on the list.

Go to

Sending us an e-mail

You can send us an e-mail directly from the program. You can attach a file to your e-mail. All the information about your computer configuration is automatically added, so that we can help you more easily.
If you do not receive an answer within one week, please check your e-mail return address: perhaps it is wrong and we have been trying in vain to reply to you.
By selecting "Copy the message to my default mailbox", your message will be also sent to your own e-mail address, so you will have a copy of what you wrote.

Program update

    When you use this command, our web site is accessed and the dates of the various components of your program are checked. If some components are out of date, you are given the option of performing an update. If you agree, the necessary updates are automatically downloaded and installed.
    It is recommended that you invoke this command regularly: on average, there is a program update every fortnight.

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