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Creating a new tune

Changing the staff instrument

We are now going to give a music box sound to the melody.

To the left of the staff, little icons can be used to perform various actions on it.

Point to them with the cursor and read the explanations in the help window.
Hint: If you cannot see these icons, then you are probably in page mode, and "display handles" mode is off. Switch to scroll mode or activate the control handles ("Score" menu).

Click on the little "instrument editing" icon  .
The instrument selection window opens. In the top-left corner is the current instrument name: here "Piano". Select this name and replace it with "Music box".

In the bottom of the window are two lists for selecting the instrument sound. The left one contains the sound set (sounds are organized by theme). Click on "Chromatic percussion".
In the right list are the names of sounds in this group. Select "Music Box".

Note: These names follow the General MIDI standard.

To hear this sound before selecting it for good, click on "Try" and keep the mouse button down. By moving the cursor up and down, you can hear this sound at different pitches.

Hint: have fun browsing the lists and trying the available sounds. Then come back to "Chromatic percussion" - "Music box".

Confirm your choices by clicking OK.

Play your melody again 

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