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Setting up a rhythm

In almost the same way that you created an accompaniment, we are now going to add a rhythm.

Click on the first bar in the rhythm array (green area). The rhythm definition window opens.

Click "Preset" then select "Blues > Classic > blues std 1 (1bar)" in the list and confirm with "OK".

The "blues std 1 (1bar)" rhythm has been inserted in the rhythm array, but only for the first bar. As you did before, extend this rhythm to cover the four bars of your tune.

Play the tune  : your rhythm is heard with the music.

Note: Rhythms are played only when the "Rhythms active" icon (tune playing floating palette) is selected

We have just skimmed through the numerous harmonizing features available in Harmony Assistant. Note however that rhythm and accompaniment arrays can be enlarged in height to create several lines that will be played simultaneously.

We advise you to load and carefully examine the examples.

You are invited to view the "Creating automatic accompaniments and rhythms from a melody with Harmony Assistant" video tutorial. ("Windows>Tutorials" menu in the program).

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