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The "Dock"


The Dock is an alternate way to display the program tools. Unlike the regular palettes, the Dock shows, at any moment, only the tools and options you can actually use.

This ensures a faster and more efficient work, and keeps the score area clear of any other window.
You can switch from "Dock" mode to regular palette by the "Windows > Dock" menu option.

At the bottom of the Dock, an area shows a tooltip about the tool currently pointed by the mouse, or shows the current playback position of the frontmost score

Above this line, some tool strips. If the screen is not large enough to display all the tools, the strip darkens on the edges, indicating that you can click and drag it to show the whole strip content.

On the right edge, two icons appear when the mouse get closer.
The upper icon allows you to set up the Dock appearance
The lower icon allows you to resize it by click and drag. If the Shift key is down, it will change the Dock color saturation level.

"Edit" tool strip (red)

Provides tools for acting on your document content

3 tools for adding an object

  • To add notes and rests
  • To add objects related to the staff on wich they are present (clef, key, ottava, dynamics, effect processor...)
  • To add objects that affct all the staves (barlines, endings, jumps...)

Injector tool

    Change the clicked note by "injecting" settings (duration, ornament...)

Eraser tool   

    Delete the clicked objects

Lasso tool   

   Select an object or a group of objects to which actions will be collectively applied

Hammer tool

    To play the clicked note or the selected note group

Magnifier tool

   Increase or decrease the score display scale

"Settings" tool strips (purple/yellow)

To select settings for objects that will be inserted or modified on score.
Content of these strips depends on the selected tool in the Edit tools strip. Hover the mouse pointer over these icons to read their description in the help line.

"General" tool strip (green)


  • Open user manual
  • Send an e-mail to technical support
  • Visit MUSL score library
  • Manage your personal space on MUSL
  • Jukebox


  • Start/Stop score playback
  • Pause score playback
  • Fast backward on score playback
  • Fast forward on score playback

Playback modes


  • Select current view playback only   
  • Select selection range playback only   
  • Select looped playback
  • Select metronome playback (double-click to edit)
  • Select Karaoke playback mode
  • Select post-processing digital effects settings
  • Select automatic rhythms playback
  • Select automatic accompaniment playback


  • Enable use of step-by-step MIDI input
  • Recording from a microphone
  • Recording from a MIDI keyboard
  • Recording from the computer keyboard
  • Start/stop recording

Actions on selection range


These mini-tools perform actions to currently selected objects on score, or to the clipboard.
Icons in this section change according to the context (what is selected, what has been copied to the clipboard). Hover the mouse pointer over these icons to read their description in the help line.

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