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Batch processing


When writing a music score collection, or publishing your scores on the Web through the Myriad Music Plug-in, it is often necessary to apply a uniform style to all scores. Batch processing is an easy way to create a list of files to be modified, then automatically apply styles, set the printing area, etc. for every file in the list.
You can select precisely which parts of the file you wish to change and which you want to be left unchanged.

First step, creating a template document

The notion of a template used here is different from the templates (models) used when creating a new document.

The template document can be empty; however, it is recommended that it include :

  • at least one staff (it will allow you to set the styles of staff names, lyrics, and chord lines)
  • a free text item on that staff (for setting the style of free text in the whole processed document)
  • a break symbol with caption text (to set the break text style)
  • printing options properly configured
  • finally, user paper area size properly configured

Second step, creating a list of files to be modified

  • Open the juke-box (File menu)
  • Create a new list
  • Add all the files to be modified
  • Save this list
Tip : Create a new folder on your hard disk. Copy all the files you want to process into that folder, then ask for "Recreate list according to the .box file"
Furthermore, working on a copy of your files is wise, so that you keep the original files unchanged in case of an error.

Third step, processing files

  • In the jukebox command menu, select "Batch processing"
  • Select the template file to apply
  • Select elements to be changed
  • Select the result mode: printing, graphical export or modifying file
  • Run the batch processing

  • Files in the list will be loaded one after the other, requested changes applied, and a result generated.

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