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Myriad HQ

Multichannel output
Myriad HQ logo design by Gaël Martin

Audio output channels represent the loudspeaker on which sound is played.

A single loudspeaker (one channel) is a mono output

Two loudspeakers (two channels) is a stereo output. The sound, different on the right and on the left, enables the listener to locate the sound position from right to left

More channels can make the sound surround the listener, or make enhance basses
In Myriad HQ, you can select up to 8 channels for the sound output.

This is set up through "Configuration > Digital output configuration"

In instrument settings, in addition to the stereo position, a "fader" button appears, letting you select the instrument position on the front/back axis.

Here are the diagrams for the most common channel configuration. Please note that Myriad HQ goes even further, by enabling to define a custom set of loudspeaker, thus a setup that doesn't appear in this list.

1 channel

1.0 : Mono

2 channels

2.0: Stereo

3 channels

2.1 : Stereo + subwoofer

3.0 : stereo

3.0 : Surround

4 channels

3.1 : Stereo+subwoofer

3.1 : Surround + subwoofer

4.0 : Quadriphonic 

4.0 : Surround

5 channels

4.1 : Quadriphonic + subwoofer

4.1 : Surround + subwoofer

5.0 : "rear"

6 channels

5.1 : "rear" + subwoofer

5.1 : "side" + subwoofer

6.0 : "rear"

7 channels

6.1 : "rear" + subwoofer

6.1 : "side" + subwoofer


8 channels


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