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Historical background
Using the game
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The menus

The system menu
Opens the information box, or the help window. 

The Awale menu
New game : begins a new game
Load game : loads a saved game in memory. If a match was in progress, it's loaded too.
Save game : saves the current state of the game (and the match)
Cancel game : cancels the current game (the opponent captures the remaining seeds)
New Match : begins a new match, i.e. six games.
Stop Match : stops the current match.
Score panel : If a match is in progress, shows the scores of the games already played.
Undo last move : Sends back one turn earlier in the game ((Human vs Human mode) or two turns (Human vs Computer mode).
Set a problem : You can define manually how many seeds are in each hole, and start the game from this point.
History list : Displays the history list of the current game, with for every turn : the player (North or South), the playground configuration,and the hole to be played. You can restart the game from any turn by clicking on the desired one and clicking "OK". You can also save the current game or reload an old one from here.
Print: Print the history list of the current game.

The Rules menu
Load rule : Each rule is stored in a separate file. All these files are grouped in a directory named "Logic". This option allows you to load a rule located in another directory.
Edit rule : You can define here your own rules : name,localization, how the seeds are moved and captured...
Save rule : Saves the current rule (if modified). Be careful, to make a rule appearing in the "Rules" menu, you must save it in the "Logic" folder.
Print rule : Prints the explanation of the current rule.
Print manual : Prints all the rules. It's a good idea to do this at least one time.
View rule : displays the explanation of the current rule.

The Options menu

Show number of seeds :
        If this option is active, the number of seeds contained by the hole pointed by the mouse cursor is displayed.
Show target
        If this option is active, a little circle shows the hole reached if the player plays the hole pointed by the mouse cursor.
Show playboard state
        If this option is active, the number of seeds contained in each hole are displayed.
        If this option is active, the actions are supplemented by sound effects.
        If this option is active, musics are playing. (Original sound tracks composed by O.Guillion with Harmony Assistant, one of our software). The '+' key increase the sound level of the music. The '-' key decrease the sound level.
        If this option is active, some animations show what is being played.
        If this option is active, comments are made on the performed actions. This option is automatically activated with the initiation level.
Human vs human
        If this option is active, you play against another human player
Levels :
        Your opponent's level can vary from initiation to Grand Master. This last level is quite fearful, and remains unbeaten for now...

Ma questionNote : Since the computer's thought time is limited, it becomes a more competitive opponent with powerful computers.

The Internet menu

Network setup :

defines your connection parameters with, among others, your identity . Play on the Internet: connects to the Myriad server and opens the opponent selection box.  
"When you are eating with the devil, you must use a long spoon "
(Igbo proverb)

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