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Version release / Greetings 

+ 12/25/1995 : Santa Claus gives to one of the authors an awale game (a real one, made of solid tree wood).
+ 12/26/1995 : Beginning of the programmation of Awale on Macintosh.
+ 01/02/1996 : version 1.0, on Macintosh and Windows 95.
+ 03/08/1996 : version 1.1, Dakar variation.
+ 03/16/1996 : version 1.2, Ourin Mode
+ 04/04/1996 : version 1.4, graphics improvements, errors in the score grid computing now fixed.
+15/08/1996 : version 1.6, New mode : Human versus human. You can now resize the main window. New presentation. Music.
+ 08/27/1996 : version 1.7, Music. The user can now set problems by defining manually the playboard configuration. New computer AI algorithm, more powerful ! (It uses now an Alpha-Beta tree with a reduced aspiration window).
+ 02/19/1997 : version 1.7.5, Undo and History list.
+ 03/17/1997 : version 2.0.0. Now possible to : restart a game at any point, consult, save and load history lists, define a new rule.
New rules have been implemented.
+ 04/07/1997 : version 2.0.1. Now possible to print the history list. Debugging an enhancement of the computer strategy, delays in commentaries display.
+04/17/1997 : version 2.0.2. Computer AI debugged and enhanced again. The depth and computation time of the GrandMaster Level can be configured now. The depth is now auto-adaptive.
+07/17/1997 : version 2.0.3. The program is now Windows NT 4-compatible; music algorithms have been enhanced for a better compatibility with all computers.
+10/01/1997 : version 2.1.0. : 13 different rules, test of the loops in game ends, enhanced printing, a commentary is now associated to the saved games, a multilingual commentary is saved with the rule. Strategies are described in this documentation, and strategy examples are given.
+10/20/1997 : version 2.2, Playable through the Internet.
+12/01/1997 : version 2.2.2, Now possible to see 'live' the game of two other players on the Internet, to come back to the players' forum while a game is in progress, to view, save and print all the sent and received messages.
+03/03/1998 : version 2.3.0 Bugs in printing and saving have been fixed, music playing has been enhanced, server list for Internet play has been updated. Now possible to register with credit card. 3 rules more, thanks to Steve Evans.
+03/29/2001 : version 3.0.0 New Internet play.
+05/24/2013 :  version 4.0. Awale is freeware.

We want to thank here :
Jean-François 'Jeff' Cassan
Main Beta-tester

Mr Pingaud and Mr Retschitzki
for the fascinating documentation they sent, and for their constructive appreciations

Olivier Rolland for the 'Dakar'

Eward Brisse

Gaël Martin and Philippe Fernandez
For their tests on the Internet version

Santa Claus
for his good idea.

Awale has been developped first on Macintosh, using the Codewarrior C, and then ported under Windows with the WACAM system, from the same authors. The porting time was about one hour.

WACAM is the windowing system created by the authors in March,1991.
If you are yourself a programmer, consider WACAM as a library implementing nearly all the Macintosh Toolbox functions on the PC platform. Source files remains unchanged from a platform to another, and the programmer keeps the comfort of the Macintosh development : easy-to-use entry points, available and efficient documentations, simple memory management...
Far away from the Windows dark side, on which every rule is immediately followed by a list of exceptions, the programmer benefits on his PC of all the advantages of a well-thought system.

"The sword does not recognise the head of the blacksmith who made it."
(Nigeria : Yoruba proverb)

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