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Titre sapiens


Version 2.4.1

Sapiens is an adventure-arcade game that brings you back 100,000 years ago for discovering the everyday life of the Homo Sapiens Neandertalensis.
You incarnate a young Hunter from the Light-Foot tribe: you'll have to explore your territory, keep up friendly contacts with the other tribes, trade objects, make assegai heads and fight for your life...
Movements are displayed in 3D view and a digital music energizes the game.
Sapiens is bilingual (English and French).

System requirements

This program requires Mac/OS 7, 8, 9 ou X,  Windows 95,98, Me, 2000, NT4 or XP,  2.5 Mb of free memory and a 256 color screen. 


Sapiens is shareware. The registration fee is US$ 10 (or 10 euros)

Accepted payment methods are described here.

What makes Sapiens a so special game?

Unlike in most of the Adventure games, the Sapiens player isn't confined in predefined game schemes. The freedom degree is total: you can move everywhere you want, at any time, and you can do absolutely what you want.
In Sapiens, there is not only one way to succeed. Everyone have to find his way, depending on his own nature. The knowledge of the environment is an important point, so don't hesitate to explore the territory to learn where the springs, the plains well-stocked in rabbit and the other tribes are.
The Sapiens freedom makes the advices a bit ridiculous. Have we to say that you must drink when you're thirsty, eat when you're hungry and sleep when you're tired?

A few comments ...

"Great game ! Best wishes and future success!" Paul K., Kirksville, MO
"Wow! I love this game. I play it every minute I get." Kelly C., Naperville, IL
"Great game ! I love the dialogue (I'LL CRUSH YOU)" Dean G., Cambridge, MA

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