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Harmony Assistant is a powerful score editor that includes a digital synthesizer and thousands of great features.
See the differences with Melody.
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Melody Assistant is a simplified version of Harmony Assistant, but remains one of the most complete products in its category.
See the differences with Harmony.
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PDFtoMusic is an innovative software that converts resizable PDF score files into music. Thousands of copyright-free scores that can be found on the Internet can now be played or even sung by PDFtoMusic, or converted into Melody/Harmony document or MIDI file.

Differences with PDFtoMusic Pro
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PDFtoMusic Pro
embeds all the features of PDFtoMusic, plus advanced options like MusicXML export. It's THE bridge between all your music notation programs!

Differences with PDFtoMusic
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Virtual Singer is an additional module that sings lyrics in several languages, using men, women or children voices. You can even define your own voices.
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OMeR: additional module that transforms a scanned music score into a music document that can be edited with Melody or Harmony Assistant.
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GOLD sound database: a whole set of high-quality instruments that improve drastically the digital output of the software.
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Melody Player is a little application that enables to play music files created by Harmony or Melody Assistant, as well as MIDI, ABC, MOD, S3M, XML and MXL files.
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The Myriad CD-ROM includes all the programs you can download for free on this website.

Galerie is a freeware for Mac OS X. It creates in a few click a set of Web pages from pictures, movies, sounds...
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Myriad QuickLook Plug-In is a freeware for Mac OS X. It enables to preview instantly music files in miscellaneous formats.
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