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You have been offered a license for one of our products. This grants you a complete access to a powerful tool, that will be at your side during your musical journeys.
There are only a few steps left before enjoying it.

1- Download and Install

To use your card, you have first to download the software and install it on your computer.
Please click the button below to open the list of downloadable programs. Select the one that matches your license, download and install it

2- Enter your license number

Run the software.
If you are asked for your license number (or your "registration code"), input the characters written on your gift card.

You can also open the application menu ("?" on Windows and Linux, the program name on Mac OS) and select "Enter my registration number" or "Manage my licenses".

3- The GOLD Sound Base

This section is relevant for you only if you have been offered the GOLD Sound Base (otherwise you can skip to 4.)
Please copy the "GOLD Sound Base" code written on your gift card to the box below and click "Download". You will be redirected to your sound base private download page.

4. Voila, it's done

Once the product downloaded and installed, and your personal code entered in it, you won't have to do it again. Our licenses are lifetime valid, and will let you download all the future program updates for free.

5. If you need help

The manual is included in the software ("Help", "?" or application menu)
You will also find a lot of information and resources on our Web site, and you will get help from the users community.

If you still can't find an answer to your questions, please ask our technical e-mail support

So now off you go, and above all have fun!


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