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How to use video tutorials on the Internet

Here is what the controls of the tutorial look like in your browser:

rewinds to the beginning of the clip and pauses
rewind to the last image and pauses
plays the clip
pauses, you can use the back-next buttons to change the image, the play music button to start the music associated to the image
moves forward to the next image and pauses
plays the music or spoken comment associated to the image. If there is an associated music, the button is blue. If no, it is grey.
check if the plug-in is up to date and connect to the download page if not.
save the tutorial on your hard-drive so you 'll be able to view it off-line. A .htm file is created at the same level, open it to view the tutorial.

Position (number of the current image out of the total number of images of the clip)
Position. You can change the current image by clicking on this bar. It activates the pause mode.

However big the tutorial is, you can play it if the download is not yet complete.


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