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The main new feature in this version is the embedding of the Kooplet music search engine.
Directly from Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant, you can search the thousands of score files publicly available on the Internet (*) for a music pattern or a text excerpt.
On top of a music score editor, a huge music library is at your disposal.

(*) Usage rights for downloaded music files have to be checked from the original hosting site or from the score author. You must ensure that the score is free of right before any private or public use.

Harmony Assistant 9.6

Melody Assistant 7.6

March 2011- July 2013

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3 - Melody Assistant 7.6.3

June-July 2013


  1. To insert very low or high pitched notes outside the staff area, you can press the Shift key while inserting the note.
  2. In multi-voice staves or in a staff group, it's now possible to insert notes that continue the melody that has been written on the above or below staff (continuous input). It becomes easy to write a melody that switches between staves without having to fill with rests.
  3. An option shows the rests in continuous input
  4. New accidental notation: Old accidental cancellation
  5. When importing a Karaoke MIDI file or a MusicXML file with lyrics, the algorithm for deciding on what language to use (for Virtual Singer) has been completely rethought. It is now much more accurate.
  6. When inserting points in parameter curves, the Shift key enables to insert a "end of curve" point, that is detached from the following point. This enables to create discontinuous segments, or even isolated points.
  7. New optional way to display flagged notes : flags are displayed as unconnected horizontal beams (Flamenco notation)
  8. New ornaments : golpe (guitar body hit for flamenco), strumming up, strumming down
  9. In the complete mixer, it's now possible to adjust volume or panning of all the select staves at once, by pressing the Alt key while a value is changed.
  10. Now possible to hear the hovered notes on score
  11. New kind of tablature for Kuntigui, a single-stringed African instrument
  12. Pictures related to staves are now exported and imported in MusicXML
  13. Harmony Assistant: A new "Voice meter" script lets you hear the beats and fractions of beats, counted by a human voice (German Auszählen)
  14. Harmony Assistant: Two piano learning scripts enable to view and fix performer mistakes when playing a complete score, or to view the note names to be played step-by-step
  15. Harmony Assistant: A "MIDI-Digital Sync" script helps computing very finely the audio output latency, and doing so synchronize Digital output with MIDI output
  16. Harmony Assistant: When the compressed MusicXML format is used (.mxl), pictures that are embedded in the document are processed according to the mxl guidelines and recognised as such by music programs that manage pictures
  17. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: New powerful graphical functions ("Surface" object) enables to work on picture, and import or export them in various formats.
  18. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Quick help on the selected word in the script editor
  19. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Auto-completion of keywords, variable and function names in the script editor


  1. Changing a measure width through the ruler handle now changes the next measure with in order not to alter the total width of the system. The previous way or managing measure width is still available by pressing the Ctrl (Windows/Linux) or Command (Macintosh) key while moving the handle.
  2. In the French version, the term for "beaming" has been changed from "accroche" to "ligature"
  3. Possible to beam eighth notes by groups of 4 in 4/4 time signature
  4. When working on a note, the area on which beams are recomputed has been shrinked in order to impact as few notes as possible
  5. The "end of printing after this bar" mark is now shifted when set to the end of tune and a new measure is inserted there.
  6. Now possible to insert vertical lines objects with bracket ends
  7. When while editing break symbols, a jump to a missing measure was set, an alert box could appear endlessly, making difficult to apply any change.
  8. Better accuracy when clicking on a text with the dedicated mouse pointer
  9. On the virtual keyboard, played note display is smoother and more in sync with audio. No note is forgotten, even when the audio output latency is high.
  10. Play cursor can now switch smoothly between bars.
  11. Notes outside pitch range (Edit > Search) are now located while taking transposing instruments into account. To make this search run properly with some instruments (e.g. clarinet), transposition has then to be set as expected.
  12. Some items of the interface slightly overlapped.
  13. Play cursor width can now be adjusted
  14. Improvement in the appearance of drum grid staves. The various line widths can now be adjusted in the score appearance box
  15. Improvement in the appearance of crescendo / decrescendo symbols when they cross over an end of line.
  16. Rotation in degree of graphical objects related to the document, a staff or a symbol
  17. When the mouse hovers an ornament, the ornament area as well as its owning note are shown.
  18. Key signature changes are now aligned when a clef is invisible
  19. When asking for loop playing and a play start mark is set, music restarts from the mark.
  20. While editing, the Alt key switches temporarily in selection (lasso) mode
  21. On scores that contained tempo changes and at least one not with an important negative delay, play could go off-sync
  22. Key change at the first bar of a piece doesn't inster a double barline at the beginning anymore
  23. Removed the inopportune alert box when cancelling export of a digital track area
  24. Mouse wheel handling has been implemented in mixers and on the document itself: titles, text related to a staff, staff name, etc. Using the mouse wheel on a scroll bar, a slider or a knob will increase or decrease its value.
  25. Text alignment mode can now be selected in manual chord line settings
  26. When the user adjusts manually a slur symbol control handle, the "automatic adjust" setting is deactivated for this slur.
  27. Dynamics now apply to all the staves in a multi-voice staff, even if the staff became multi-voice after the dynamics has been inserted
  28. When some palettes were moved outside the screen bounds, they jumped back too far to the center of the screen
  29. Virtual Singer palette has been redesigned. Icon positioning now occurs in perspective on the stage
  30. When targets were present on an empty line, the staff was displayed even if "do not print empty staves" was turned on. Now, the staff isn't displayed anymore, but the target mark is
  31. New tuplet display and editing. This can slightly change the appearance of existing scores.
  32. Improvement in dynamics insertion accuracy
  33. Now possible to insert dynamics and solme other kinds of objects in velocity edit mode
  34. New default area for dynamics and tempi, that avoid areas that can't be accessed by the mouse
  35. In page mode with small zoom, staff lines can go over the last barline on the right. We reduced this unwanted effect
  36. MIDI playing and export of scores that contain panning curves made some instruments to be heard completely to the left
  37. A more explict message is now displayed when trying to adjust the digital input an no audio input device has been selected
  38. Removing th ebackground picture of the document windows doesn't affect the "complete mixer" and "user" palette backgrounds
  39. All document templates have been changed in order to remove the play start mark
  40. Space or carriage return characters are now allowed in the played bar list
  41. Improvement of beam management over an invisible rest
  42. Improvement of the Karaoke window, with cautionary clef and selection of staff display size
  43. Gregorian notation: horizontal episemes are now managed (ancestor of the tenuto)
  44. Default page header and footer of "Configuration > Global Setup> Print" are now used when importing an external file (e.g. MIDI file)
  45. When processing stem direction, the reversible ornaments (e.g fermata) didn't always move to the right side of complex chords, and were losing the user adjustments
  46. ABC Import: missing parenthesis in the imported text could freeze the program
  47. MusicXML Import: staves with a different time signature are now automatically converted
  48. MusicXML Import/Export: better calculation of the distance between a note and its ornaments
  49. MusicXML Import/Export: general settings for score appearance are processed: stem width, staff line width, grace note size, etc.
  50. Default tempo value when importing MusicXML has been changed from 120 to 80
  51. MusicXML import and export have been improved, especially for the graphic position of pedal, dynamics, ottava, chord diagrams, text objects.
    Above this, tempo change objects are now properly imported and exported
  52. Improvement of automatic edit area positionning in scroll mode
  53. Line width of inverted triangles in harmonica tablature wasn't properly managed
  54. MusicXML import: break symbol text, ending bracket, beam, slur and tie widths now follow the staff scale
  55. MusicXML import: ottava symbols could make note stems be abnormally long
  56. MusicXML import: Better management of orphan ties
  57. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML Export: Beams and clef change in the middle of a bar have been improved
  58. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML Export: Management of staves that are not printed (for instance, when empty)
  59. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML Export: Switched to MusicXML 2.0 format
  60. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML Export: Better export of grace note accidentals
  61. Harmony Assistant: street organ card printing didn't manage note delay. This could lead in wrong punch position when, for instance, the score had been made from a MIDI import
  62. Harmony Assistant: lyrics can now be printed on street organ cards
  63. Harmony Assistant: for each file collection in the jukebox, a delay between pieces can be specified
  64. Harmony Assistant: Now possible to grab a staff that has been moved out of the screen bounds
  65. Harmony Assistant: Better management of resizing and moving of free objects: now possible to work outsitde the page area
  66. Harmony Assistant: When there is no staff in the document, the "Views" menu is inactive
  67. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript : update of split text windows when stopping debugging has been improved.
  68. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: now possible to access the character set related to a staff
  69. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: The "Tablature for Wind Instrument" scripts has been amended to properly manage grace notes.
  70. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Improvement of Encore/MusicTime/Rhapsody/Compositeur import script
  71. Windows: resizing of all the palettes have been rewritten, in order to manage the click & drag on any of the 4 palette edges.
  72. Windows: the Enter key confirms alert boxes
  73. Windows: In some window that enable to edit a multi-line text and that own a default button (e.g. document title edit) the Return key of the main keyboard inserts a line break in the text, while the Enter key of the keypad validates the box
  74. Windows: general improvement in application stability
  75. Linux: order of templated in the "new staff" box was random. They are now sorted in order to make the most frequently used staves appear first.
  76. Linux: improvement of graphical accuracy when printing.


  1. Fixed crash when clicking in the tempo staff margin in scroll mode, then selecting an option in the menu
  2. Fixed problem when dragging objects from a discontinuous selection (Alt-click) to the next staff
  3. Slider for selecting scale of graphics related to an ornament has been fixed in the note settings selection box
  4. Fixed problems in list update
  5. Fixed numbered parts display problems when the score starts by a text staff.
  6. Fixed crash in break symbols edit box
  7. Fixed display of octave change when clef is hidden
  8. Fixed number of repeats display, at the end of a line
  9. Flags of 128th notes didn't display when stem is downwards
  10. Fixed change in staff area height, when moving the bar number line down
  11. Fixed calculation of bar start symbols according to the score display settings.
  12. Fixed behaviour of embedded text edior when moving the cursor while a selection is present.  
  13. Fixed brace display position on staff groups of one staff
  14. Some MIDI Karaoke file export could crash or hang when some very long lyrics are present
  15. When adding a staff to an empty score, the "Edit", "Delete" and "Duplicate" buttons were active. The "Delete" button crashed.
  16. When defining a rule, it was difficult to enter "Do" (Latin notation) as a criterion for rule matching
  17. Fixed problem in NoteWorthy import.
  18. Fixed problem in editing grid drum staves
  19. Fixed small graphical glitch in .ogg export box
  20. Fixed a crash in MIDI export on files containing several hours of music
  21. Fixed copy/paste problem on notes with double-stem
  22. Fixed problem in slur digital adjustment
  23. Better management of dynamics and multi-rests
  24. Fixed problem in brace and bracket display when music is stopped
  25. Display problem on frame and line between an ornament and its note when hovered
  26. It was not possible to define a staff group (brace or bracket) that joins a regular staff and its tablature
  27. The tuplet direction onversion didn't work on quarters and unbeamed eighths
  28. Management of dynamics on volatile staves
  29. Fixed display problem on document number of pages when ueing start page number offset
  30. Fixed calculation of number of pages when reserved pages are present
  31. Fixed minor problems in MIDI import, while processing illegal meta-events
  32. Minor fixes in lists and some floating windows
  33. Crash in Edit > Appearance > Colorise.
  34. Possible crash in tablature calculation, when the user forced a cell number for the last note of the staff
  35. Play start mark could be misplaced when creating a document that starts with an upbeat, or when inserting bars at the beginning of the document
  36. Crash when a (de)crescendo symbol was overlapping the last barline of the score
  37. Buffer overflow in Virtual Singer when the whole lyrics were written without any space or separator
  38. Crash when closing the score appearance box
  39. Fixed note stem display on harmonica tablatures
  40. Fixed display of some notehead when staff scale is different from 1.
  41. Search for note outside pitch range didn't work anymore
  42. MusicXML import: several instances of buffer overflow could lead to unstable memory or crashes
  43. MusicXML import: chord names in italian notation if the option is activated
  44. Harmony Assistant: Wrong processing of line breaks when computing lyrics syllables width in engraver mode.
  45. Harmony Assistant: Undoing an operation of printing scale change (page mode) didn't work properly
  46. Harmony Assistant: Fixed a defect in vertical scroll bar manageùent when deleting lines in the script editor
  47. Harmony Assistant: Fixed "Virtual Singer > Show lyrics phonetics" script
  48. Harmony Assistant: Several scripts have been fixed in order to avoid unwanted program termination in rare cases
  49. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed string sunstitution problem that could make the Tabledit import crash
  50. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed text block indent in text editor
  51. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed font problem in log window
  52. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed window resizing problem
  53. Windows: Problem when printing graphical object with alpha (transparency) layer
  54. Windows: Fixed memory loss when managing low-latency MIDI echo
  55. Linux: Crash when using some windows. The overall program stability has been improved.
  56. Linux: Management of text including music symbols from another font than Stoccata has been fixed
  57. Linux: Wrong management of fonts without gap between lines like "My Figured Bass"
  58. Linux:  A type of notehead disappeared when printing
  59. Macintosh: Problem in rendering of some instruments from sound bases. This made some notes of the GMSE sound base sound out of tune, for instance E5 of the French accordion.
  60. Macintosh: Fixed MIDI input init if the device is off when application is started
  61. Macintosh / Harmony Assistant: Fixed display of picture free objects
  62. Macintosh / Harmony Assistant: Fixed icons printing problem
  63. Macintosh / Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed problem in GetPixel

Minor versions

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3i / Melody Assistant 7.6.3i (October 2nd 2013)

  1. Editing lyrics on a score without lyrics that only includes one staff will automatically add the lyrics line to that staff
  2. Macintosh: On Macs with a single-button mouse, Ctrl + Click is now equivanent to a right-click. (the "Shift" key now being used to insert/move object outside the staff area).
  1. Some palettes could move away from the screen edges
  2. When unsuccessfully trying to tie two notes (different pitches, etc), an unwanted alert box was displayed
  3. Dutch interface text has been amended

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3h / Melody Assistant 7.6.3h (September 27th 2013)


  1. Now possible to quickly activate or deactivate the frame around lyrics by right-clicking a lyrics cell
  2. Activation/deactivation of frame around lyrics can now be undone
  3. After having edited the staff lyrics, text is automatically formatted according to the syllables in the score
  4. Default height of triplet brackets has been reduced, in order to be graphically nicer. This default value can still be adjusted by double-clicking the 3:2 icon in the palette, then individually for each triplet by editing the note
  5. Height of triplet brackets can now be forced on a whole area through "Edit > Appearance > General"
  6. Harmony Assistant: "Track Export" script has been changed in order to manage file format that include staves (myr, mu3,xml)
  1. Fixed problem in break symbol management
  2. Fixed problem in break symbol deletion
  3. Fixed translations in various languages
  4. Fixed offset in numbered part start, coda and segno at the beginning of a line with cautionary clef
  5. Fixed display of $B tag in page footer
  6. Fixed application freeze when editing ill-formatted lyrics
  7. Fixed a problem in styled text edit
  8. Fixed display problem on Virtual Keyboard
  9. Fixed possible crash when editing lyrics, when moving to previous cell
  10. In Virtual Singer, language couldn't be changed via the [!language] command when the document contained one measure.
  11. Melody Assistant:  Possible crash when loading a file created with Harmony Assistant that contains dynamics
  12. Harmony Assistant: In page mode, moving an object on a text staff could result in the object moving to another staff
  13. Harmony Assistant / MusicXML export: possible crash on split bars that contain lyrics
  14. Harmony Assistant: Fixed MUSL interface definition
  15. Harmony Assistant / Diatonic Accordion Tablature: Fixed mistake in notes played by left hand buttons in the "Diatonic G/C 3 rows" accordion definition
  16. Harmony Assistant / Diatonic Accordion Tablature: Fixed grace notes display
  17. Harmony Assistant / Diatonic Accordion Tablature: Fixed user-defined accordion editing
  18. Windows: it was impossible to open folders that contain accented characters when right-clicking on the document title bar
  19. Windows: Fixed graphical offset of palettes below the menu bar
  20. Windows: crash when prinnting pictures of less than 3 pixels wide
  21. Windows: fixed access to sound base by the low-latency synthesizer

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3g / Melody Assistant 7.6.3g (September 12th 2013)


  1. When the selection range is played in loop, metronome pre-count can be played at each loop.
  2. A slur between two consecutive notes of same pitch (equivalent to a tie) didn't radjust graphically when changing its direction
  3. When inserting a slur between two consecutive notes of same pitch, its graphical appearence was slightly different from a "real" tie
  4. When saving a picture from a free object to a separate file, the file extension now matches the content of picture data
  5. Hierarchical lists (template selection, MUSL space): improvement and overall speed-up
  6. Now possibme to create parameter curves that contain discontinuous values, i.e. in which the parameter will take the required value, and keep it until a new value is encountered
  7. Management and appearance of parameter curves have been improved
  8. When inserting a dynamics in the bar margin (space between barline and first note), the dynamics could be not inserted at the required position
  9. Problem for selecting multiple objects on several staves using the Shift key
  10. Lyrics text file: the default file name is now built from the document and the staff name
  11. Compressed storage of pictures in the MusicXML format addition
  12. MusicXML Import: management of implicit lyrics line numbers
  13. Harmony Assistant: Improvement of file import from recent version of NoteWorthy (205).
  14. Harmony Assistant: improvement of the "MIDI > Echo Program Change" script in order to make the use of an external MIDI keyboard simpler
  15. Harmony Assistant: improvement of the "File > Export > Batch Export", by enabling to clone the source folder tree in the target folder
  16. Windows: The low-latency softsynth has been improved, in order to manage MIDI bank numbers
  17. Windows / Harmony Assistant: A setup file has been created in order to enable using the "Doremi" music font
  18. Windows: Specific alert that will tell the user that he didn't run a version of the program that matches his version of Windows.
  19. Windows: An alert saying that the program didn't close properly appeared just after having updated the program
  1. Fixed a problem of memory deallocation when using dynamics
  2. The text of break symboles at end of bar could be shifted and truncated when displayed at the end of a line on printer (or in Harmony Assistant's page mode). 
  3. Fixed display of brackets on barlines
  4. Fixed problem on interface search (Help menu)
  5. Fixed memory problem in user palettes
  6. Fixed a problem of target staff selection after a real-time MIDI input, when the list needed a scroll bar
  7. Amendments on German version of the interface
  8. Amendments on Italian version of the interface
  9. MusicXML Import: Fixed a page layout difference for tablatures between the plugin/player and Harmony/Melody
  10. MusicXML Import: Fixed management of page lost margins, that generated discrepancies between page mode and printing
  11. MusicXML Import: Fixed chord line when the chord kind stored in MusicXML was unknown.
  12. MusicXML Import: Fixed crash when loading files that contain errors (created by an old version of Photoscore)
  13. Harmony Assistant: the picture of the 6-holes Native American flute was missing in "tablature for wind instruments" script.
  14. Harmony Assistant, MyrScript editor: Fixed a crash that could occur when creating dictionaries for autocompletion
  15. Harmony Assistant: Fixed display problem when using the "Maestro" music font
  16. Harmony Assistant: Fiexe a problem of key signature position when using some music fonts 
  17. Harmony Assistant: Possible computation errors in tablatures for accordion
  18. Harmony Assistant: Fixed display problems on some scripts
  19. Linux: menu bar is now displayed 25 pixels below in order to avoid overlapping the system barline
  20. Macintosh: Fixed a problem of user instrument export in .mu3 format

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3f / Melody Assistant 7.6.3f (July 30th 2013)


  1. Fixed a crash in MIDI import
  2. Problem to grab margin control handles after the first page

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3e / Melody Assistant 7.6.3e (July 26th 2013)


  1. When moving an object related to a staff, a visual spot shows the target staff.
  2. Now possible to grab objects related to a staff but located outside its area
  3. MIDI Import: microtonal pitch shift that are constant for a staff are now taken into account in the frequency parameter curve
  4. Kooplet search: Web sites that do not want direct download are now managed
  5. Better management of dot when displaying double-stem dotted eighths


  1. Fixed a crash when editing MUSL space, when there are only folders (no file)
  2. Fixed an offset problem when copying/pasting regular drum staves
  3. Fixed possible crash when using headless notes
  4. Fixed note color when inserting a slur, using the hammer, etc.
  5. Fixed dashes display between syllables at end of bar
  6. Effect processors located on the left of the first note in a staff weren't considered
  7. Adjustment of some graphical elements in guitar tablatures
  8. Fixed palette magnetism.
  9. Harmony Assistant: Grid drum staves now follow engraver mode positionning

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3d / Melody Assistant 7.6.3d (July 3rd 2013)


  1. When importing an MusicXML file, when several lines of lyrics are present and the number of repeats is not specified, the additional lines are not deleted anymore
  2. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: a new method enables to find automatically the appropriate language for lyrics on a staff. This method is now used in file import: Finale, Encore, etc.


  1. A serious source of instability has been fixed on Windows. It could generate crashes, especially when opening various windows.
  2. About 400 small irregularities, that could cause more or less important instabilities, have been fixed in the program source code
  3. A problem in parameter curves management made them be applied by default to the whole score
  4. Harmony Assistant: Possible crash when moving cursor outside any staff area in page mode
  5. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: improvement of item info display in the script editor (clipping problem)
  6. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: source code was duplicated when editing dialogs and floating windows

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3c / Melody Assistant 7.6.3c (June 28th 2013)


  1. In the time signature alternate display, when the field was left empty, "0" was displayed. Now, nothing appears.
  2. Better management of the "group eighths by 4" check box
  3. MusicXML Import: Fixed crash when importing some mis files
  4. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: When editing a source file, the text was duplicated
  5. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Possible crash in the TextWindow.Erase(...) function
  6. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed script for wind instruments fingering

Harmony Assistant 9.6.3c / Melody Assistant 7.6.3c (June 28th 2013)


  1. In the time signature alternate display, when the field was left empty, "0" was displayed. Now, nothing appears.
  2. Better management of the "group eighths by 4" check box
  3. MusicXML Import: Fixed crash when importing some mis files
  4. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: When editing a source file, the text was duplicated
  5. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Possible crash in the TextWindow.Erase(...) function
  6. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript: Fixed script for wind instruments fingering

Harmony Assistant 9.6.2 - Melody Assistant 7.6.2

January-May 2012


  1. Graphic objects (effects, free objects, graphics related to a staff, background) can now be in JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF format
  2. Ornaments of type "Graphics" can now be related to notes
  3. Ornaments (or graphics) can be related to Clef objects
  4. Staves in a system can be joined by a vertical line on right side
  5. In the management of curves related to staves, the current curve can now be deleted quickly.
  6. Tablature computation on multi-voices staves.
  7. TAB export of multi-voices staves.
  8. New mode for applying staff appearance settings: "to all merged staves"
  9. New commands in the multi-voice staff management contextual menu
  10. Braces, ties and slurs are now drawn and printed as actual curves.
  11. Slur "tension" can be adjusted in order to make them more flat and their ends hooked.
  12. Fine management of lyrics positioning and masking: for each bar, it's now possible to insert or mask any line by right-clicking a cell.
  13. Windows & Linux : mouse pointer size can be adjusted.


  1. A new setting in the staff appearance enables to tell whether the grace note stems are aligned on the staff center line
  2. Improvement in time signature and upbeat bar selection when creating a new document from a template.
  3. Better error management while opening files for writing.
  4. "Edit" menu items now follow selected object kind.
  5. Changing ghosts rests into rests now splits them according to beat
  6. Now possible to mask, on each staff, each kind of object (lyrics, text, graphics, dynamics...)
  7. Triplets made of notes with different slur directions are now properly grouped. This can change the appearance of previous scores.
  8. Better management of objects, notes an lyrics position when inserting or deleting bars, or when changing the time signature.
  9. New keyboard shortcuts: fast forward and rewind. This can be especially useful to those who rehearse a score using a footswitch.
  10. New management for the default document file name.
  11. The area-driven discontinuous selection now only applies to the selected parts in merged (multivoice) staves.
  12. MusicXML import/export: better management of ottava (8va,8vb, etc)
  13. Virtual Singer: management of note slurs and bend effects
  14. Harmony Assistant: In engraver mode, note position calculation has been sped up.
  15. Harmony Assistant: When forcing the number of bars per line, the automatic computation of bar width in engraver mode is deactivated.
  16. Harmony Assistant in page mode: improvement of document window maximize/minimize/restore management
  17. Linux version: Compatibility with Ubuntu 10.04 - 11.10, KUbuntu, XUbuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Mint 12, Fedora 15, Mandriva One 2011, OpenSuse 2.1, Debian 6.0.3.


  1. Virtual Singer :  SAMPA Q in English.
  2. Audi sync problems could occur when the score contains both notes with negative delay and tempo changes
  3. Jump & target display on text staves.
  4. CMF export.
  5. Graphical objects dialog box: file import.
  6. Text formating while writing an email.
  7. Palette duplication while hide all /show all.
  8. Score file loading, as well as some editing operations, didn't work on very heavy staves (more than 32,000 symbols)
  9. Fixed appearance of curve over triplets
  10. Fixed ckef change problem on merged (multi-voice) staves
  11. Fixed vu-meter display on staff with lyrics when output is MIDI.
  12. Possible to deactivate the cautionary key signature display at end of line once activated
  13. In some cases, some objects were graphically misplaced when viewing the staff in the Karaoke window
  14. Multi-voice staves couldn't be properly duplicated
  15. Fixed digital track contextual menu.
  16. Fixed page setup problem when "score" object were used within a score.
  17. Harmony Assistant: Fixed MyrScript problems on staff merging
  18. Harmony Assistant: in engraver mode, display of tied notes connected by a special beam
  19. Macintosh, Linux: Fixed palette handling problem on multi-screens
  20. Windows: in some tutorials, squares appeared in text.

Minor versions

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2m / Melody Assistant v7.6.2m (May 29, 2012)

  1. The "syringe" tool actions on rests have been extended. It's now possible to inject a dot or an ornament to a rest.
  2. Positioning of line between notehead and text in "rule text" ornament has been improved
  3. MusicXML Import: chord tags are now processed as staff-related chord line..
  4. Parameter curve editing: better display of curves usage status in the pop-up menu
  5. Better display of the target when inserting tempo changes: rests are now taken into account.
  6. New replacement patterns have been added in header and footer edit
  1. Possible crash when a note that is involved in a slur or a special beam was replaced by a new note.
  2. Problem with accented characters in document template names.
  3. When editing lyrics text with a non-100% scale, some graphic updates were not properly performed
  4. In some scores that included complex tempo changes and a note with a negative delay, playing could go out of sync.
  5. Fixed parameter curve editing on a staff other than the first one.
  6. Harmony Assistant: Closing a split area of the score window while playing could produce a crash.
  7. Fixed display of some shape-note heads when scale is not 100%
  8. Minor fix in ABC export.
  9. Windows / Harmony Assistant:  problem with the "Test" button in the hardware settings window that opens when the application is started for the first time.
  10. Windows: when quitting the program, clicking "Cancel" in the warning box that asks for saving the document exited anyway (without saving). 
  11. MacOS: fixed access to alternate palette icons
  12. Linux: The "standard" font, used for displaying dialog boxes, could be wrongly detected, resulting in unreadable items

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2k / Melody Assistant v7.6.2k (May 15, 2012)

  1. Now possible to extract and export pictures that are used in free objects

  1. Better sorting of fonts names in the text style palette.
  2. MusicXML import : management of multiple styles in Title/Composer/Remarks
  3. MusicXML import/export : better page settings, better positioning of text objects
  4. Windows : when selecting a font through a pop-up menu, they are sorted alphabetically
  5. Windows : MP3 export : Exported lyrics didn't show in Windows Media Player
  1. Possible crash when making a change to the score while setting a special beam or a slur.
  2. In a score sung by Virtual Singer, when the music starting point was set to bar #1, the program ignored the selected repeat number.
  3. Fixed chord display in harmonica tablatures
  4. Small glitches in ABC import/export
  5. Merged staff curve edit in page mode : only the first and last staff could be edited
  6. Fixed accented user name in page footer
  7. Harmony Assistant : fixed MP3 export of drum staves with a lyrics line
  8. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript : changing chord line font or size didn't update graphically
  9. Windows: the digital output "Test" button in the hardware setup box didn't work.
  10. Mac OS : Fixed printing of very big embedded pictures
  11. Mac OS / Harmony Assistant / MyrScript : Fixed Graph.GetPixel.

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2j / Melody Assistant v7.6.2j (May 3, 2012)

  1. When moving the middle point of an existing slur, movement will be limited in order to avoid too odd curves
  2. Editing curves on merged staves didn't work well
  3. When an audio device is not available, the box asking for adapting output to existing devices will appear less often
  4. Time signature display on tablatures has been redesigned
  5. Harmonica tablature calculation now manages grace notes (in no-symbol display mode)
  6. After updating the software, the box asking to clear the preferences won't appear anymore
  7. Importing staves from another document excluded the invisible staves
  8. Harmony Assistant: In MyrScript debugging, now possible to select variable and log window font.
  1. Possible crash when working in page mode, especially when copying/pasting notes related to rules, in edit mode limited to one bar
  2. Saving graphical data from a staff-related object resulted in a corrupted file.
  3. In some cases, MP3 export could generate an empty file
  4. Crash on MP3 export from the digital audio data import window
  5. Harmony Assistant: Fixed crash when applying default tuning on tablatures
  6. Harmony Assistant / Myrscript: Possible crash when clicking the "stop" icon in step-by-step debugging
  7. Harmony Assistant / MyrScript / MacOS: Fixed a font problem on Macintosh in the AddOrnament function
  8. Windows: Some pictures inserted on score could appear on a black background when printing
  9. MacOS: Printing some BMP pictures could fail
  10. MacOS: 8-bits PICT display could be incorrect

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2i / Melody Assistant v7.6.2i (April 19 2012)


  1. Transparency management (alpha channel) for picture objects in GIF, PNG ... format
  2. New harmonica tablature display: hole number on two rows (draw/blow)
  3. Now possible to define Lydian tuning for diatonic harmonicas
  1. New calculation of tempo object default size
  2. Better positioning of break symbol text at end of bar (DS, DC...)
  3. Better management of merged staves with priority tablature
  4. MP3 export: when several staves with lyrics are present, now possible to select which one to use
  5. MP3 export: Better compatibility of ID3 tags with Windows Media Player
  6. ABC import now manages ISO 8859 (Windows) and UTF-8 character encoding
  7. ABC export can be set up to generate either of these formats
  1. Fixed control handle display when moving a dynamic in page mode
  2. Fixed cursor trail when inserting a tempo object
  3. Possible crashes when editing / loading tablatures
  4. Possible problems when using ornaments related to a clef
  5. Possible crashes when editing and adding picture objects
  6. Positioning and music duration problem when no break symbol is present and the list of played bars is fixed.
  7. Virtual Singer: problem in the singer language default value when not recognized
  8. Linux: impossible to print twice in a row from the preview window
  9. Harmony Assistant : possible crashes in Band In A Box file import

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2h / Melody Assistant v7.6.2h (March 28 2012)


  1. MP3 Export: lyrics can be exported in the MP3 file, as a full text or as synchronized lyrics
  2. MP3 import: synchronized lyrics or full text les paroles en texte complet ou syllabes synchronisées sont importées.
  3. Windows: now embedding a low latency software synthesizer, in order to provide echo for master MIDI keyboard input (Hardware configuration, "MIDI Echo" section)
  1. A "patch" for "Grand Piano 1" and "Grand Piano 1 Soft" sounds of the GOLD 2 sound base has been included. Fix is therefore automatic.
  2. Detection of new versions of the program has been improved
  3. A graphic mark enables to locate the first note to which a dynamic applies.
  4. When inserting and moving (de)crescendo, ottava or smooth tempo change, notes that match the beginning and the end of the action are marked
  5. "Real-time" MIDI input: Midi echo device is set to the instrument of the selected staff
  6. Change in the order of the phonemes to be recorded in RealSinger to create a new voice
  7. MP3 export: Now possible to select the tag format:: old format, ID3 ISO 8859 or ID3 Unicode.
  8. When pasting notes with automatic beaming deactivated, original stem directions an beaming are preserved
  9. Some text operations have been sped up
  10. Accuracy improvement when inserting dynamics
  11. Improvement in tablature calculation on merged (multi-voice) staves
  12. When moving a text object in the staff margin that follows a multi-rest bar doesn't "break" the rest anymore.
  13. MusicXML Import/Export: processing of slurs used as ties.
  14. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML Export: change in the multi-rest bar export, in order to improve compatibility with other programs
  15. Harmony Assistant: When running the application, script browsing has been sped up.
  16. Harmony Assistant: Better display of script names in the keyboard shortcut map.
  17. Harmony Assistant: Improvement of the NoteWorthy import script
  18. Harmony Assistant: Improvement of the Finale import script (beaming and triplet problems).
  19. Harmony Assistant: Improvement and fixes in the "About scripts" summary
  20. Harmony Assistant: Now possible to change column width in the MyrScript variables window
  21. Windows/Linux: Double echo when inserting a note in step-by-step MIDI input has been removed
  1. Possible crash when deleting bars that contains slurs or special beams
  2. Trills and some other ornaments could not play the right notes when last bar repeat symbols are present on the staff
  3. Possible crash in multi-voice tablature management
  4. Fixed position of break symbols (D.C, D.S) over multi-rest bars
  5. When deleting or inserting bars, some lyrics text styles could be altered.
  6. Fixed a problem in automatic dot positioning within a chord
  7. Crashes when moving a dynamic, text, line, graphic from a staff to another in scroll mode when displaying distances
  8. Fixed lyrics line count when unmasking lyric cells
  9. Fixed problem in masked lyric cells when loading a file
  10. Unmasking lyric cells could make an extra bar appear at the end of the piece
  11. Possible problems when displaying lyrics at the end of the score in page mode
  12. Fixed problem in Italian resources.
  13. Fixed a problem in default templates. 
  14. Fixed ABC import module (custom key signatures)
  15. Fixed resizing problems in symbol-related picture object
  16. Fixed a problem with the hammer tool
  17. Cosmetic problem of stem end over the beams
  18. Graphics color could be incorrect on printed page
  19. Fixed MusicXML import problems
  20. Fixed mouse pointer display when inserting some dynamics
  21. Fixed "Da segno", "Da coda" display when inserting.
  22. Possible file corruption when using digital tracks
  23. Several errors have been fixed in display and edit of styled text (containing font, size, color... changes)
  24. Some trills didn't play well when the staff contains previous bar repeat symbols.
  25. Possible crash when deleting bars if there were slurs or special beams over a barline
  26. Adjusting slurs on a priority tablature moved the slurs too far away from notes
  27. Harmony Assistant: MusicXML Export, null <backup> and <forward> could confuse some other programs.
  28. Harmony Assistant: Problems in keyboard note input when a document is split into several areas
  29. Harmony Assistant: Fixed display/edit of line number in the MyrScript manual
  30. Harmony Assistant: Fixed some interactive samples in the MyrScript manual
  31. Harmony Assistant: Fixed SAMPA extraction in MyrScript when there are language changes in the lyrics.
  32. Windows: problems in standard mouse pointer management (window resizing arrows)
  33. Mac OS X: Fixed MIDI output
  34. Linux: Fixed GetCapability
  35. Linux: Fixed filehandle overload

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2g / Melody Assistant v7.6.2g (February 15th 2012)

  1. Improvement of accidental automatic positioning
  2. Improvement of automatic language recognition in Virtual Singer 
  3. Enlargement of the area on the left of the staff, that makes the score scroll when expanding the selection range with the mouse
  4. When syntax errors are present in multi-piece ABC files, the alert now appears only once.
  5. MIDI Import: improvement in GOLD base sound / MIDI program change matching.
  6. When inserting a dynamics, the Shift key deactivates the automatic magnetism to the previous dynamics line
  7. Internal management of file access paths have been sped up
  8. Windows: Mouse cursor zooming is now available in any display depth, in all Windows versions.
  1. An extra measure could be added at the end when masking lyrics lines
  2. Editing lyrics (Staff > Edit lyrics) deleted the text styles
  3. Fixed lyrics position after some operations that change the score structure
  4. Possible problems when undoing the last command (Edit > Undo) when music is playing
  5. Fixed possible crashes when playing digital tracks or Virtual Singer
  6. Fixed possible crash when playing a Virtual Singer staff that contains characters impossible to sing
  7. Possible crash when forcing the default note stem direction of a staff
  8. Graphical fix: Ghost plots when moving a free object
  9. Graphical fix: Plots when inserting a crescendo
  10. Graphical fix: Missing parts when editing a styled text
  11. Fixed minor memory leaks
  12. Fixed a palette positioning problem in "magnetic" mode
  13. Fixed activity of staff-related chord line play mode when creating it
  14. Harmony Assistant, ETF import: fixed accented characters management, unbreakable spaces and rest triplets
  15. Harmony Assistant, Macintosh: fixed background of imported pictures
  16. Harmony Assistant: Possible crash when exporting a score that contains rules to MusicXML format
  17. MyrScript: Inserting pieces of text in a styled text could erase some following styles
  18. Macintosh: Fixed fretted instrument tuning file saving
  19. Linux: some document templates were missing

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2f / Melody Assistant v7.6.2f (February 1st 2012)

  1. Now possible to insert the document creator's name in any new document default header or footer (<name> tag)
  2. Harmony Assistant: the NoteWorthy import now manages shape notes (Fasola)
  3. Harmony Assistant: the NoteWorthy import now manages staff grouping symbols (brackets and braces in the margin)
  4. In special text, a new separator, "/", enables to unbeam notes within a tuplet group.
  1. Fixed an error in tablature calculation
  2. Fixed a problem in the display of the new $Q anf $Y commands from version 9.6.2d/7.6.2d
  3. Changing a tempo object value by right-clicking it might not work properly.
  4. When deleting bars, the lyrics following the delete point might be deleted
  5. Problem in handling and moving text ornaments when written using the Stoccata music font
  6. Background of lyrics text that is never played appeared in gray on printed page
  7. Offset between the stem and the notehead when using a symbol scale other than 100%
  8. Windows: problem when editing text in Stoccata music font

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2e / Melody Assistant v7.6.2e (January 23rd 2012)

  1. Better sync between the sound and the pressed key on the Virtual Keyboard
  2. Some minor changes in harmonica tablatures
  3. Harmony Assistant: Improvement when forcing the number of pages, when the required value cannot be reached
  4. Harmony Assistant: The NoteWorthy import script now manages v2.5
  5. Windows: product version can now be seen in their installer's properties
  1. In the music following box, pressing a key that is not available in the list could generate a crash.
  2. Loading or saving a file whose name starts with "-" inserted a separation line in the "Open recent" menu
  3. In karaoke mode, lyrics text did not appear
  4. When loading old files, the staff object masking option wasn't managed well
  5. The staccato dot could disappear at small scales
  6. Harmony Assistant: The "Cancel" button in the printing option box could generate a crash
  7. Harmony Assistant: On Windows, file names containing accented characters weren't managed well in the user Web space management (MUSL).
  8. Harmony Assistant Possible crashes when playing a score that only contains digital tracks
  9. Windows: Loading or saving a file with the ";" in its name made the application crash when opening the "Open recent" menu

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2d / Melody Assistant v7.6.2d (January 16, 2012)

  1. Anti-aliasing for most of objects display (*)
  2. Document templates appearance has been improved
  3. New method for automatic language detection in Virtual Singer
  4. New management of multiple rests, more logical and more compact (*)
  5. In page header, page footer and free text, two new commands have been added:
    - $Q: page number, only displayed if more than one page in the document (no need to display "1" when there is only one page)
    - $Y: score creation year (for copyright)
  6. Better management of invisible key change (*).
  7. Harmony Assistant: New default display scale when creating a new document
  1. Program could block when displaying complex tuplets
  2. Management of graphical objects containing a great number of Bezier curves
  3. Default font for chord grid, defined in global setup, is now used when creating a new document
  4. When adding lyrics to a staff, the lyrics line could be misplaced
  5. Possible crash in tablature creation
  6. Linux: Curve printing (slurs, braces...)
  7. Windows: display problem on "My xxx" fonts, provided with the software
  8. Windows: some palette icons, as well as some musical symbols (for instance dots) could disappear from screen at low scale.
(*) These improvements might change the appearance of scores created with previous versions of the software.

Harmony Assistant v9.6.2c / Melody Assistant v7.6.2c (January 3, 2011)

  1. Fixed a problem of epidemic file corruption
  2. Fixed additional space for lyrics when applied to all staves
  3. Melody Assistant: Fixed default display scale for new documents
  4. Harmony Assistant: MusicXML Export: fixed conditional part (endings) export, as well as empy bars (rest) export.
  5. Harmony Assistant: MyrScript: copying a document now manages views
  6. Harmony Assistant: MyrScript: copying the selection is now configurable
  7. Harmony Assistant: MyrScript: fixed CreateFolder.
  8. Harmony Assistant: MyrScript: fixed a crash that affected the Instrument Group Generator script

Harmony Assistant 9.6.0 - Melody Assistant 7.6.0

March 2011


  1. Embedding of the Kooplet search engine (new icon in the "Edit tools" palette)
  2. In order to simplify the license management of our products, a new "Manage my licenses" option has appeared. On Windows, this option is available in the "?" menu, and on Macintosh in the application's menu.
  3. Harmony Assistant: Management and printing of tablatures for Zither
  4. New available keyboard shortcuts:
    - Tempo tool activation
    - Clef change activation
    - Time signature change activation
    - Key signature change activation
  5. Now possible to set a note split duration greater than its actual duration. The note then appears longer than the real duration.
  6. Possible to select the appearance of the eighth rest: "modern" look, as it appeared in the previous versions, and "ancient" look, in which it appears as an inverted sixteenth rest
  7. New symbol fonts, that can be used in any text input
  8. Harmony Assistant: New music fonts, new management of the font list for an easier use. Possible to set the font for a new document.


  1. When a crescendo/decrescendo is inserted, it now matched what is shown on the mouse pointer.
  2. In the note duration change box, the default value is now the one selected in the palette.
  3. In order to avoid confusion, the note head shape selected in the "Note display tools" palette is no more memorized when exiting the program. It is now reset to the default value (round full head shape).
  4. For single-button mouse users, Ctrl+Click can be used instead of the long right click.
  5. When opened, the Jukebox window now fits the screen dimension.
  6. When changing the character size in the staff appearance, dynamics and text position is recalculated to fit the new staff height.
  7. Jukebox: the purely alphabetical sort has been replaced by an alpha/digit mixed sort
  8. Improvement of dotted notes management by the quantize algorithm.
  9. Holding the Shift key down while loading a file saved with an old version moves back the dynamics and tempo changes to their original position.
  10. MusicXML import: better management of empty lyrics (repeat the previous line)
  11. MusicXML import: New management of beamed tuplets.
  12. When importing a multi-score files in ABC format, it is now possible to listen to the tunes before selecting the one to load and edit.
  13. Virtual Singer: now possible to apply a semi-tone offset to the Virtual Singer voice.
  14. Harmony Assistant, Tabledit import: management of Dulcimer tablatures


  1. Editing a symbol could ruin the page layout
  2. Fixed problem of slur handles grabbing.
  3. Fixed text ornament style edit when they are at their default value
  4. Fixed problem of slur move
  5. Fixed problem of stem size on guitar tablatures
  6. Fixed problem of beam display of a guitar tablature when an offset is required between the note and its stem.
  7. Search on the interface didn't include User Spaces
  8. Fixed problem of list update
  9. Fixed problem of child palettes opening from the master palette
  10. Fixed problem of key shortcuts in the virtual keyboard
  11. Fixed problem of zoomed user windows when loading
  12. Fixed minor problem in copy/paste
  13. Fixed problem of music playing from the album
  14. Fixed display problem in the chord line
  15. Fixed display problem of "barres" in some chord diagrams
  16. Fixed problem on "undo"
  17. Fixed crash in S3M import (index overflow)
  18. Fixed multi-staves ABC file export problem
  19. Fixed problem of note duration in ABC import
  20. Fixed overflow in MIDI import on some very special files
  21. Fixed "duplicate note with inverted stem" when several notes are selected.
  22. Fixed cursor appearance when inserting a crescendo/decrescendo.
  23. Fixed crash when forcing the played bar list to an empty list, when the score includes a digital track.
  24. Fixed problem when in accidental display on grace notes
  25. Fixed key signature display problem when the clef is hidden
  26. Fixed user keyboard shortcut saving.
  27. Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem of margin in GuitarPro import
  28. Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem on NoteWorthy import (dynamics)
  29. Harmony Assistant: Fixed Tabledit import
  30. Harmony Assistant: Fixed Finale import.
  31. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML import:  full-bar rests management was wrong, that could generate rests of uneven durations in non-empty bars
  32. Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem of accordion tablature calculation on grace notes.
  33. Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem in the MUSL space management. 
  34. Harmony Assistant: Fixed digital instrument group generation script.
  35. Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem in font setting on lyrics text script
  36. Macintosh: Fixed drag and drop problem 
  37. Macintosh: Fixed minor problem (cosmetic) on installer
  38. Macintosh: Fixed text rotation problem 
  39. Macintosh: Fixed relation between file extensions and our programs

Minor versions

Harmony Assistant v9.6.0c / Melody Assistant v7.6.0c (March 17, 2011)

  1. On Windows, implementation of a copy/paste menu from a mouse right-click on any editable field. On Macintosh, partial implementation, only on fields that edit a styled text.
  1. Yamaha style file (.STY) import: better management of files that do not comply with the MIDI file specifications, save by a PSR S550.
  2. When adding a slur between two notes of same pitch, the graphical appearance of a tie is applied
  1. Kooplet search: possible crash when clicking or double-clicking at the end of the result list
  2. Kooplet search: possible crash when  the Internet connection was unavailable
  3. Kooplet search: possible crash when playing the note pattern in its context
  4. If a negative pitch offset was set to a Virtual Singer voice, it became positive when loading the file.
  5. Fixed a problem when setting up the palette scale.
  6. Macintosh PPC: Fixed mail sending

Harmony Assistant v9.6.0d / Melody Assistant v7.6.0d (March 24, 2011)

  1. Fixed graphical appearance slurs on consecutive notes of same pitch
  2. Kooplet search: better management of filenames that contain non-standard characters
  3. Fixed graphical glitches in keyboard shortcut editing
  4. Harmony Assistant, MusicXML import: some chords were incorrectly considered as arpeggiated.

Harmony Assistant v9.6.0f / Melody Assistant v7.6.0f (March 28, 2011)

  1. In Harmony Assistant, when running an unregistered version, a button leads to the licence management panel.
  1. The automatic slur setting was reset when double-clicking the slur to edit it
  2. Windows: some Internet accesses (tutorials, MyrScript manual...) didn't work properly


Translation of the new features in the program interface:
Dutch: Roeland Bekker
German: Lutz Stalhofen
Italian: Pietro Cecchi
Japanese: Norio Kusumoto
Portuguese: Carlos Pinto de Oliveira
Spanish: Jose Alfredo Oliveira &  José Luís Blasco

Previous versions

=> Harmony 9.5 - Melody 7.5 - (April 2010-February 2011) MUSL user space
=> Harmony 9.4 - Melody 7.4 - (April 2008-March 2010) Introducing Views (Harmony Assistant)
=> Harmony 9.3 - Melody 7.3 - (April-May 2007) Import/Export in MusicXML 1.1 format (export only available in Harmony Assistant)
=> Harmony 9.2 - Melody 7.2 - (May-June 2006) New document wizard, Unicode text, text style and rotation...
=> Harmony 9.1 - Melody 7.1 - (April-October 2005) independent staff positioning, better sound output quality, new graphical objects, GOLD 2 sound base
=> Harmony 9.0 - Melody 7.0 - (July-December 2004) -Special beams, advanced ties, conditional dynamics
=> Harmony 8.4 - Melody 6.4 - (December 2003) - Icon sets, Real Singer II.
=> Harmony 8.3 - Melody 6.3 - (April-May 2003) - MyrScript, OGG support.
=> Harmony 8.2 - Melody 6.2 - (January 2003) - Mixer, real-time keyboard input.
=> Harmony 8.1, Melody 6.1 -(September 2002)  High quality GOLD base. More than 20 new features.
=> Harmony 8.0, Melody 6.0 -(April 2002) New interface, new jukebox. More than 50 new features.
=> Harmony 7.9, Melody 5.9 -(December 2001) Graphical Quality, Editing,Drums and Real Singer
=> Harmony 7.8 - Melody 5.8 (September 2001)- Engraver Mode, Free Objects
=> Harmony 7.7 - Melody 5.7 - (July 2001) Notation and edition
=> Harmony 7.6 - Melody 5.6 - (May 2001) New Web Feature
=> Harmony 7.5 - Melody 5.5 - (February 2001) New Tablature, New Display Mode
=> Harmony 7.4 - Melody 5.4 (October 2000); New management for break symbols
=> Harmony 7.3 - Melody 5.3 (August 2000) And now it sing !
=> Harmony 7.2 - Melody 5.2 (June  2000)
=> Harmony 7.1 - Melody 5.1 (April-May  2000); New sound databases
=> Harmony 7.0 - Melody 5.0 (February  2000); Internet, MIDI and Digital Tracks
=> Harmony 6.3 - Melody 4.3 (December 24 1999)
=> Harmony 6.1 - Melody 4.1 (November 99)
=> Harmony 6.0 - Melody 4.0 (September 99)
=> Harmony 5.4 - Melody 3.4 (19 may 1999)
=> Harmony 5.3.0 - Melody 3.3.0 (April 20 1999)
=> Harmony 5.2.0c - Melody 3.2.0c  (March 23th, 1999)
=> Harmony 5.1.0 - Melody 3.1.0 (Feb 22th 99)
=> Harmony 4.0 Melody  2.0 September 1998
=> Harmony 3.1 Melody  1.4 May 1998
=> Harmony 3.0. Melody  1.0. February 1998
=>  Harmony 2.0: Mars 1996
=>  Harmony 1.0: November 1994

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