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This version includes many new features, and in particular a new interface called Dock.
Virtual Singer, the embedded module that sings the lyrics is upgraded to version 4.0, and brings more than fifteen new languages.
Links with PDFtoMusic have been set up to enable importing PDF files directly from Harmony Assistant.
In Harmony Assistant, a new export format (MyrWeb) enables to exchange music scores in the blink of an eye, these files being viewed and listened to on any device, without needing to install anything beforehand. The Myriad Users Score Library now uses this new format.

N.B. 1: On Macintosh, the application is now Intel only, PPC version is discontinued.
N.B. 2: The Myriad Music Plug-In is not handled anymore by recents web browser and is discontinued. You need now to use the MyrWeb file format.

Harmony Assistant 9.7.1

Melody Assistant 7.7.1

February 2017

 PDF & PNG native export, Jukebox improvement, many fixes

Minor version

Harmony Assistant v9.7.1c / Melody Assistant v7.7.1c (February 6, 2017)


  1. MyrWeb Export: PDF can be embedded


  1. Memory leak in slur drawing
  2. Memory leak in ghost rest drawing
  3. Windows: inaccuracy in exact click position (mouse pointer hotspot)
  4. Objects copy/paste in individual selection
  5. Double display of tuning on merged guitar tablatures

Major version

Harmony Assistant v9.7.1 - Melody Assistant v7.7.1

February 3, 2017


  1. Direct PDF export from the program (File > Graphical export).This format is also available from Batch Export.
  2. Gold Sound base sound identifiers can now be stored into MusicXML files
  3. New way of calling PDFtoMusic from Harmony
  4. Now possible to convert PDF files from Harmony (via PDFtoMusic) and publish them on MUSL
  5. Harmony Assistant (scripts): New diagnosis tool, especially dedicated to SATB. Searches for voice crossing (Soprano who sings at a lower pitch than Alto for instance), or close voices (Soprano & Alto, Alto & Ténor) singing with a difference of more than one octave. These notes are highlighted in color.


  1. Jukebox appearance and features have been improved : same display of list, score view, keyboard and karaoke between Melody Player and the Jukebox
  2. MusicXML import: crescendo/decrescendo (wedge, hairpin) are applied from the current dynamic value and not in an absolute way (a crescendo from a forte starts from forte then increases)
  3. MusicXML import: mélismas or dashes over more than one measure could not be properly handled by Virtual Singer
  4. During a copy/paste of notes with special beam, stem direction remains identical to the original
  5. PNG import//export are no more dependent from the system (OS)
  6. Graphical improvement of deactivated palette icons
  7. Change in metronome state didn't mark the document as modified
  8. Better positioning of dots in tempo mark. The setting in score display mode is now managed
  9. Now possible to select the ghost rest display type for the wol score from "Score > Display setup". This setting can be overriden on each staff through "Staves >Display options"
  10. New contextual menu on Album to save, load, add or delete albums
  11. Possible to move the whole content of an album to another by drag&drop
  12. Added fingerings on the "Guitar neck" palette
  13. Better graphical adjustment between printing and graphical export
  14. Better accuracy in graphical export (10th of millimeter)
  15. Ghost rests are displayed again in page mode even when control handles are hidden. Then are then displayed semi-transparent
  16. Floating palettes can be moved through a click in the window area
  17. Jukebox list can be saved as a text file
  18. New script to duplicate dynamics on all staves
  19. Better computation of audio delays on Macintosh: they are now shorter, since we now use CoreAudio.  
  20. Document and staff templates with lyrics have been updated
  21. Virtual Singer: In a manual phonetisation, using an unknown phoneme could shift the sung part from the rest of the music
  22. Virtual Singer: Improved Bayesian module for automatic lyrics language guessing
  23. Virtual Singer: Fixed pronunciation problems on some Greek transitional vowels
  24. Virtual Singer setting files loading have been speeded up at application start
  25. Staves with masked lyrics (from the staff display options) still showed the frame around (not clickable)
  26. Accidental bar indicator on chromatic harmonica tablature has been graphically repositioned
  27. Unclosed parts (endings) display has been improved
  28. On Harmonica tablatures, grace notes generated from an ornament are now displayed the same color as the ornament. Engraver mode now handles them for its calculation
  29. Better input of alternate fingerings on Accordion tablatures
  30. Macintosh: important bugs in Mac OS X Sierra lead to display defects, or problems in dialog boxes. Workarounds have been implemented in order to make the program usable on these systems. These workarounds are not perfect though, so if you encounter this problem (huge fonts when printing), you *must* report them to Apple.
  31. Linux: OMeR for Windows/Wine registration numbers are managed by native Linux Harmony / Melody


  1. Crash when changing note duration on a discontinuous selection, when these notes have ornaments
  2. Fixed problem in custom character sets
  3. The Mya export was unusable
  4. Possible crash in Myrweb export
  5. Possible crash when staves were deleted within staff groups (braces, brackets)
  6. Fixed problem when masking Dock.
  7. Fixed problem in relation between contextual menus and tooltips
  8. Loading MU3 files then saving them in the new format could generate corrupted files
  9. A conflict between automatic saving alert box and tooltips could hang
  10. Multi-page SVG export: bitmap fonts could only be displayed on the first page
  11. SVG export: Some bitmap fonts weren't exported well
  12. SVG export: Some characters in vector fonts could be missing when the document contains vector drawings that are not part of a font
  13. Fixed interaction problems between file export and virtual keyboard
  14. Fixed display and double-notes printing on multi-voices tablatures
  15. Fixed file size display problem when adding a file to MUSL
  16. Virtual Singer: possible crash when lyrics without notes were present
  17. Virtual Singer: crash when trying words in voice editing
  18. ABC import: possible crash when the file contained syntax errors
  19. Incompatibility with custom digital instruments. Custom instruments (.mui) created with version 9.7.0 to 9.7.0f and containing digital effects might not be loaded with next version.
  20. In some cases, copying/pasting Fx processors could forget some settings
  21. Fixed ornament management when applying pitch change to a range of notes
  22. Fixed access to Accidental panel on tablatures
  23. Fixed problem when moving an element from an album to another
  24. Fixed fingering calculation on accordion tablatures
  25. Fixed alternate fingering selection on accordion tablatures
  26. Fixed slur display on unresolved notes on accordion tablatures
  27. The "other fingering" option in guitar tablature could change the note pitch.
  28. MyrScript: Fixed scroll bar problem in Log window
  29. MyrScript: Problem with some Unicode characters in gsub with %p %d %s and %x 
  30. MyrScript: crash when closing a dialog from the "Idle" method of one of its item
  31. Windows: problem when calling PDFtoMusic 
  32. MusicXML import: wrong management of some fermata
  33. Melody Assistant: missing file when installing the Japanese version
  34. Harmony Assistant, Macintosh: fixed a problem of graphical inaccuracy in Myrweb/SVG export

Harmony Assistant 9.7.0

Melody Assistant 7.7.0

Virtual Singer 4.0

October 2016 - February 2, 2017

Minor versions

Harmony Assistant 9.7.0f / Melody Assistant 7.7.0f - December 2, 2016


  1. Grupetto, Mordents & Trills ornaments are now displayed as fingering on guitar & harmonica tablatures
  2. Trailing grace notes are now displayed on harmonica tablatures.
  3. Better accuracy in drawing, and shorter files in SVG / Myrweb export
  4. In Virtual Singer voice edit box, detection and on-demand automatic conversion of voice files using an outdated format
  1. Infinite loop in when searching for alternate fingering in accordion tablatures
  2. Problem when applying a text style on the whole lyrics
  3. Crash when merging the two first measures of a score
  4. Masked lyrics cells could reappear after the file is loaded
  5. Lyrics text style could be wrong after editing
  6. Drum staves didn't use the right sound after MusicXML import
  7. Possible crash when duplicating a digital track
  8. Windows: problem launching PDFtoMusic from an trial version
  9. MacOS 10.12: Old style palettes have been reactivated in order to work around a title display problem in the OS
  10. User charsets

Harmony Assistant 9.7.0e / Melody Assistant 7.7.0e - November 25, 2016

  1. The HTML template used in Myrweb export can be customized
  2. Possible to hide slurs and ties on tablatures
  3. Better display of ornaments and slurs on harmonica tablatures
  4. Possible to undo lyrics text import
  5. Improvement of graphical accuracy of bold tilted lines (beams) in SVG export
  6. Better calculation and display of grace notes in harmonica tablatures

  1. Duration display in jukebox
  2. Problem of infinite loop in accordion tablature calculation
  3. The SOS mode could be unnecessarily triggered at startup
  4. Interpretation problem for "volume decrease" ornament when it followed a fermata
  5. Blocking alert when trying to record a RealSinger voice
  6. Problem when recording a single RealSinger phoneme in fragment list
  7. Duplicate of ornament display setting in harmonica tablatures
  8. Harmony: Accuracy of graphical export from MyrScript
  9. MacOS: File name selector in graphical export
  10. MIDI export: The quote character in text and lyrics wasn't exported well
  11. Crash when importing some Finale files
  12. Staff contextual menu: problem in text style when loading lyrics text, and non-reflexivity betwen loading and saving of these text.
  13. It was possible to get access to a second chord line by using arrow keys on a repeated measure
  14. Harmony Assistant : reexporting a whole folder to MUSL didn't work
  15. Harmony Assistant : Exporting a zither tablature to EPS didn't work well
  16. Linux : Fixed file type choice in file selectors
  17. Windows : Sometimes a blank line could appear in the background picture of mixer or user palettes
  18. Windows : selecting paper size in "File > Printer setup" hadn't any effect
  19. Windows : communications betweeen Harmony Assistant and PDFtoMusic didn't work well. Complete fix will need to wait for the next version of PDFtoMusic
  20. Melody Assistant, Windows: window minimize button didn't work
  21. Tempo line display when reference note wasn't present
  22. Date display in MUSL management
  23. Default font for tablatures on old files
  24. Dynamics could alter metronome sound

Harmony Assistant 9.7.0d / Melody Assistant 7.7.0d - November 7, 2016

  1. Now possible to set up the tuplet tool from the Dock, by double-clicking its icon
  2. Crash or wrong operation in advanced chromatic/diatonic transposition
  3. Colors on Harmonica tablature
  4. Rest display on priority guitar tablatures
  5. Virtual Singer: Crash when resetting a RealSinger fragment to its default value
  6. Virtual Singer: Crash on some files, when lyrics don't match any note
  7. Graphical problem in Myrweb export, causing pages to appear blank (brought by v9.7.0c/7.7.0c)

Harmony Assistant 9.7.0c / Melody Assistant 7.7.0c


  1. Virtual Singer: Basque language, management of "ü" and "ñ" in order to pronounce the "Souletin" regional variation
  2. Harmony Assistant: improvement of the exported SVG graphic file internal structure
  3. Time signature window has been protected against 0/0 signatures
  4. Better display of modified state in the JukeBox.

  1. Crash in the score display setup
  2. Fixed musical characters in PICT export
  3. Virtual Singer: management of single letters (letter names) in Latin
  4. Melody Assistant: removed alert about paper area change when loading
  5. Harmony Assistant: unexpected script exit in Finale import
  6. Windows: Important problems when the Windows user name include accented characters
  7. Macintosh: problem displaying ghost rests as regular rests

Below, the list of new features, improvements and fixes for the major version


  1. New tools management: Dock
  2. PDF files can be loaded by a call to PDFtoMusic (settings in Global settings)
  3. Last chance save: after a crash, unsaved files can be retrieved
  4. New kind of staff group, the sub-system
  5.  Valved Harmonica tablature management
  6. Dutch manual
  7. Important improvement of Virtual Singer, with more than 15 new languages
  8. When a sung staff starts with notes without lyrics, instead of being silent, Virtual Singer can sing "Mm", "Aah", "Ooh", or even any custom syllable. This also applies to notes without lyrics that follow a rest.
  9. New commands in the target menu to skip to the previous or next target.
  10. New display option: crescendo/decrescendo line thickness
  11. New mode for tablature calculation in which diamond-shaped noteheads are harmonics. Tablature calculation manages them and write these harmonics between < and >
  12. New "Tablature" tool palette
  13. Harmony: management of diatonic cithars in printing
  14. SVG format export (Harmony only)
  15. HTML format export (Harmony only)
  16. Myrweb format export (Harmony only)
  17. New icon in the accidental tool palette to select the "bracketed accidental" mode
  18. 128th and 256th note display


  1. Free object frames can be filled with a picture
  2. New option in the free object contxtual menu to change quickly the related text or picture
  3. Now possible to delete all forced end of page on a score by entering "0" as required number of pages
  4. In print preview, free object editing: resize, move, add, delete...
  5. Adjustment of the forced bar list when adding or deleting bars
  6. Selection of staff with lyrics in MP3 export
  7. Display of an help message when a note is inserted outside the regular pitch range of the staff
  8. New item in the Palette menu to reset all the tools
  9. Notes and rests edit window has been redesigned
  10. "Frame around lyrics" option is available from the staff display mode
  11. The note dot can be made invisible or can be graphically shifted
  12. Graphical export in scroll mode (Mac OS only, experimental)
  13. Video export of the score (Mac OS only, experimental)
  14. When adding a forced end of line or end of page on a multi-rest bar or a multi-repeat bar, it applies to the last bar instead of the first
  15. When tying notes, a validity check is performed and an explanatory message displayed, especially when notes are not consecutive
  16. When hovering over the palettes in the "Windows" menu, the matching palette is highlighted
  17. When a bar is split (for instance by a clef change) the "Display ghosts rests as rests" option displays only one rest
  18. Splitting a bar doesn't break multi-rests
  19. MIDI 1 export and import: multi-voice staves are exported in a single track (or not). This can be set up in the global settings
  20. Pedal marks are managed like dynamics: they can be applied to a single staff, the group of the whole document
  21. Automatic centering of pauses
  22. Displaying ghost rests as regular rests can be set up independently for each staff
  23. Precise display of alternate fingering in guitar and accordian tablatures
  24. Forced list of played bars is exported/imported in MusicXML
  25. Management of "rehearsals" in MusicXML
  26. Notehead between parenthesis (regular and grace notes)
  27. In page mode, control handles on, the staff name appears dimmed to ease identifying staves when line start isn't visible
  28. When moving the mouse over a chord, the whole chord is echoed instead of a single note, even on merged staves
  29. New PostScript export. Adobe-specific PostScript export (epsf) is discontinued
  30. Adjustable pause before and after the tune in digital export
  31. Metronome bars in digital export
  32. Speed improvement: calculation of note positions in engraver mode, pitch shifting (+/- a semitone, a line, an octaveà or a selection range or the whole score, automatic calculation of slur positions to avoid notes when the latter are modified
  33. New management of standard drum staves
  34. New script to quickly change the string on a group of notes, on guitar tablatures
  35. Slurs drawn as small dashes, dots or curves
  36. Tablature for Kantele (MyrScript script)
  37. Selection of curve tension on tuplets
  38. Management of grace notes on Harmonica tablatures
  39. Page setup in graphical export identical to printing (can be disabled in global setup)
  40. Inversion of slur orientation when writing on a merged staves with forced stem direction
  41. Automatic ornament positioning to avoid staff lines
  42. Organ card printing: in preview mode, notes that don't match any pipe are colored
  43. Organ card printing: in preview mode, punches can be temporally shifted by clicking on them.
  44. Organ card printing: detailed text report of encountered errors
  45. Keyboard shortcut on the Jukebox
  46. Jukebox and Tutorials: the search field has been redesigned
  47. Jukebox can play digital audio files
  48. Jukebox can display a view of the score, like the Myriad Music Plug-in
  49. Jukebox can display piano fingering
  50. In the Jukebox, new columns: annotation, list of played bars, file type
  51. Complete compatibility between lists created by the Jukebox and Melody Player
  52. Enrichment of Mya format. Many new information added.
  53. Ctrl+mouse wheel changes document display scale (Command-mouse wheel on Mac OS)
  54. Horizontal movement in the docuiment through Shift+mouse wheel
  55. New calculation of lyrics line height, that takes text style into account
  56. Customizable display of complex date/time in text objects
  57. In the contextual menu that appears when right-clicking a selection range, new options: set stems to auto, and beam on beat
  58. Tablature font can be selected independantly for each staff
  59. Better positionning of ornaments on tablature
  60. Management of many codepages in MIDI export
  61. In digital export, pause durations are memorized
  62. MIDI import: No more duplication of staves when events are located before the first program change
  63. List of staff templates has been extended, especially in the Tablature section
  64. Guitar tablature calculation: now possible to manage ottava symbols
  65. In Hammer mode, now possible to move a note in both directions by Alt+Click
  66. Street organ card printing: new option to preserve note color
  67. Virtual Singer: Number of notes in a melisma (singing a single syllable on several notes) was limited to 64. This number is now unlimited
  68. Rotation angle for dynamics, crescendo/decrescendo and ottava
  69. Display of calculation status in MusicXML import
  70. Performance improvement in heavy MusicXML file import
  71. Items in "Windows" menu in non-dock mode have been reshuffled
  72. Application start-up is faster
  73. Possible to cancel punch move on street organ cards (print preview)
  74. Improvement of management in staff list
  75. Management of text meta-event (0x4b) found in some MIDI files
  76. Possible to view .mid scores in jukebox
  77. Midi export is now faster
  78. When setting up chord line related to a staff, it's now easier to get access to display styles
  79. Font for bar numbers in chord grid printed at the end of the document can now be changed
  80. Possible to save in old MYR format (ascending compatibility)
  81. Option to merge several bars together
  82. Possible to crop bars to the actual notes duration
  83. Automatic lyrics formatting
  84. Special beams are now properly exported in MusicXML
  85. New option for displaying numbered parts (endings)
  86. Rythmics patterns $(xxx) can be used in lyrics
  87. Harmony Assistant: New management of MUSL (Web space to share one's music scores). Increased allocated space.
  88. Virtual Singer palette: Improved singer name and flag position, in order to avoid overlapping
  89. Free objects: Layers (front, back) now also apply to page header and footer
  90. JukeBox: New option to retrieve file on disk
  91. Jukebox:  New contextual menu to quickly apply an action
  92. Jukebox: List refresh and file checking have neen speeded up
  93. During digital recording, better selection of default target track. 
  94. Possible to quickly specify, from the digital track recording palette, the number of leading metronome bars.
  95. Windows: Menu management has been improved in order to avoid that the last menu option could disappeat when the main window has an horizontal scroll bar.
  96. Windows: SHA-256 certificates
  97. MacOS:  child windows now open on the same screen as their father.
  98. MUSL: You can now connect to several accounts from the same computer.
  99. MusicXML: Rotated texts management
  100. MusicXML:  Texts related to symbols management


  1. Note pitch on Harmonica tablature when switching to priority tablature
  2. Overbend indicator has been repositioned
  3. Persistence of "rule text" effects
  4. Management of lyrics in "Add" mode
  5. MusicXML import and export
  6. NoteWorthy import
  7. Saving of scaled user palettes
  8. "60's organ" sound in the Gold sound base
  9. End of pahe, end of line, no end of line, etc markers didn't display in multi-rest or multi-repeat bars
  10. Palette magnetism
  11. Extra braces in "Enable single staves" mode
  12. Windows: fixed errors when loading scores by double-click and access path is very long
  13. Problem editing "bend and release" guitar ornament settings
  14. Symbol alignment in mult-voice printing mode
  15. Moving dynamics from one staff to another
  16. MyrScript text editing
  17. Unwanted stem direction change of the last note in a group with special beam, when a note is inserted right after
  18. On virtual keyboard, when music was playing, grace notes were displayed on the wrong piano key
  19. Automatic slur direction when inserting notes in a chord
  20. Default time signature and margins when adding a bar at the end, when the last bar is split by a clef change
  21. Changing note with grace notes to rest
  22. "string number" ornament color
  23. Wrong display of note stems on priority tablatures when beamed to a rest
  24. Interface Composer window resizing
  25. Barline height calculation in Lute tablature
  26. Paper size in graphical export
  27. Display of staves merged to a priority tablature without standard staff display
  28. Semitone transposition didn't mark Virtual Singer staves as modified
  29. Fixed Virtual Singer calculation when music start is set after a repeated part (VS could be mute)
  30. Changing a crescendo/decrescendo dynamic didn't mark Virtual Singer staves as modified
  31. In Orchestra management window, ther was a problem when duplicating a multi-voice staff
  32. Problem of color when displaying fingering (number within a circle)
  33. Possible crash when undoing bar deletion in a score with views
  34. Fixed street organ cards printing when card length is specified
  35. Fixed street organ punches movement in print preview
  36. Fixed MusicXML lyrics export when language is undetermined
  37. Fixed problems for anacrusis (incomplete bars) non-multiple of 64th note
  38. Possible error on triplet rests
  39. Fixed path name encoding problems on Macintosh for Jukebox files
  40. Fixed Japanese ISO encoding in Virtual Singer
  41. Fixed lyrics line movement in page mode
  42. MusicXML import: complex tempi (with caption) are now properly managed
  43. Fixed printing options window for street organ cards
  44. A chord with a slash written in the chord grid could be transformed to a simpler equivalent when performing some operations. It's now fixed
  45. Fixed interaction problem between Miscellaneous and Ottava palettes
  46. Moving a note whith a bracketed accidental deleted the bracket.
  47. Jukebox: Fixed play issues
  48. Jukebox: Fixed management of delay between pieces
  49. Jukebox: Fixed box area saving
  50. MusicXML Export: Fixed memory saturation when big images were embedded in the score
  51. MusicXML Export: Problem when exporting tablatures for instruments above 6 strings (e.g Lute)
  52. Harmony Assistant: Fixed menu activity problem when a MyrScript palette is open
  53. Windows: working with the mouse on street organ punches on print preview didn't work after the program loses and regain focus
  54. Windows: general graphic problems after minimizing then restoring the program's main window.
  55. Windows: Virtual Singer: icon of some singers appeared with white areas instead of black
  56. MyrScript: fixed non-reflexive methods (e.g. different spelling in reading and wrtiing) or unsorted (e.g. defined outside a section)
  57. Virtual Keyboard display
  58. Pattern repetition in free objects, picture kind
  59. Transpose in several staves templates


  1. On MacOS: PPC version is not supported anymore
  2. Drag and drop on Windows/Linux : dragging a document on a score window load the document instead of embedding it as a free object.
  3. Myriad Music Plug-in is discontinued


Translation of the new features in the program interface:
Dutch: Roeland Bekker
German: Lutz Stalhofen
Italian: Pietro Cecchi
Japanese: Norio Kusumoto
Portuguese: Carlos Pinto de Oliveira
Spanish: Jose Alfredo Oliveira &  José Luís Blasco

Previous versions

=> Harmony 9.6 - Melody 7.6 - (March 2011 - October 2016) Kooplet
=> Harmony 9.5 - Melody 7.5 - (April 2010-February 2011) MUSL user space
=> Harmony 9.4 - Melody 7.4 - (April 2008-March 2010) Introducing Views (Harmony Assistant)
=> Harmony 9.3 - Melody 7.3 - (April-May 2007) Import/Export in MusicXML 1.1 format (export only available in Harmony Assistant)
=> Harmony 9.2 - Melody 7.2 - (May-June 2006) New document wizard, Unicode text, text style and rotation...
=> Harmony 9.1 - Melody 7.1 - (April-October 2005) independent staff positioning, better sound output quality, new graphical objects, GOLD 2 sound base
=> Harmony 9.0 - Melody 7.0 - (July-December 2004) -Special beams, advanced ties, conditional dynamics
=> Harmony 8.4 - Melody 6.4 - (December 2003) - Icon sets, Real Singer II.
=> Harmony 8.3 - Melody 6.3 - (April-May 2003) - MyrScript, OGG support.
=> Harmony 8.2 - Melody 6.2 - (January 2003) - Mixer, real-time keyboard input.
=> Harmony 8.1, Melody 6.1 -(September 2002)  High quality GOLD base. More than 20 new features.
=> Harmony 8.0, Melody 6.0 -(April 2002) New interface, new jukebox. More than 50 new features.
=> Harmony 7.9, Melody 5.9 -(December 2001) Graphical Quality, Editing,Drums and Real Singer
=> Harmony 7.8 - Melody 5.8 (September 2001)- Engraver Mode, Free Objects
=> Harmony 7.7 - Melody 5.7 - (July 2001) Notation and edition
=> Harmony 7.6 - Melody 5.6 - (May 2001) New Web Feature
=> Harmony 7.5 - Melody 5.5 - (February 2001) New Tablature, New Display Mode
=> Harmony 7.4 - Melody 5.4 (October 2000); New management for break symbols
=> Harmony 7.3 - Melody 5.3 (August 2000) And now it sing !
=> Harmony 7.2 - Melody 5.2 (June  2000)
=> Harmony 7.1 - Melody 5.1 (April-May  2000); New sound databases
=> Harmony 7.0 - Melody 5.0 (February  2000); Internet, MIDI and Digital Tracks
=> Harmony 6.3 - Melody 4.3 (December 24 1999)
=> Harmony 6.1 - Melody 4.1 (November 99)
=> Harmony 6.0 - Melody 4.0 (September 99)
=> Harmony 5.4 - Melody 3.4 (19 may 1999)
=> Harmony 5.3.0 - Melody 3.3.0 (April 20 1999)
=> Harmony 5.2.0c - Melody 3.2.0c  (March 23th, 1999)
=> Harmony 5.1.0 - Melody 3.1.0 (Feb 22th 99)
=> Harmony 4.0 Melody  2.0 September 1998
=> Harmony 3.1 Melody  1.4 May 1998
=> Harmony 3.0. Melody  1.0. February 1998
=>  Harmony 2.0: Mars 1996
=>  Harmony 1.0: November 1994

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