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  On my 12" screen, some windows are too large, and I cannot see the whole content. What can I do?
Buy a bigger screen. Seriously, this program works with a minimum resolution of 800x600 in 256 colors. Sorry. 

  Some dialog boxes open over the help window, and I cannot read the explanations. How do I move the help window?
Drag its blue bar (you can drag or resize it even when a dialog box is open). Find a location on your screen where it is easily readable.
I understand all the software features, and do not need the help window to be displayed anymore. How can I hide it?
Apparently, you have not seen quite all the features. :o)
Open the "Help" menu, and uncheck "Help window".

I do not really understand what can be done with the Album ("Windows>Album" menu option). I do not know how to reuse the selected element in the Album. How to empty the Album?

Using the Album is quite simple. It is a storage area in which you can save the most frequently used elements. Album content is preserved when the application is closed.
It supports the standard "Edit> Cut/Copy/Paste/Erase" commands along with their keyboard shortcuts.
You can view graphic objects that are stored into the Album, and listen to the playable objects.
Album is divided into 8 independent parts, which enables to sort the objects by theme.

Each time I load a document, it does not appear in "page mode" but in "scroll mode". How to force page mode automatically ? (Harmony Assistant only)

In global setup, "Load" tab, select "Apply Page Mode".

How can I review tutorials I've already seen?  They vanish from the list.

Click on the icon at the right edge of the tutorial window, this will display the tutorials even if you already viewed them.

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