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  How to get several lines of lyrics?

Add repeat barlines around the part you need to be repeated several times. To get more than two lines, double-click the "repeat end" barline and input the number of times you want this part to be repeated (so the number of lines).
You are also invited to view the following video tutorials: "Tablatures, Drums, Lyrics > How to insert lyrics on a score, how to create several lines of lyrics" ("Windows > Tutorials" menu option in the software)

  How to define a chorus?

When a lyrics cell is empty, Virtual Singer sings the first non-empty cell above.
So input the chorus only once, on the first line, and let the other cells empty.
To ensure a cell is empty and does not contain, for example, a space character, use "Staves>Edit Lyrics" menu option. An empty cell should appear as "//".

I do not want Virtual Singer to sing one of the staves, even if it has lyrics. What can I do?

Open the Virtual Singer palette. Shift-click the singer icon and select "deactivate this singer"

Several sung staves are included in my document, but only one singer appears in the Virtual Singer palette. What can I do?
Singer icons are located on stage according to their power and panning value. If several singers have the same power and panning value, their icons can mask each other. Move slightly the icon of the first singer to make the others appear.
If I change settings for a voice linked to a staff and I want to send the .MUS file to a friend, do I have to send him something else?
No, because all information about voice settings is stored into the .MUS file. 
And if my friend does not own Virtual Singer?
Then the staff which is sung on your computer will be played with the staff standard instrument on his own.
Tell your friend to install Virtual Singer!
I defined a voice, but I do not want somebody else to edit it. How can I do?
Protect your document for editing (File>Protect menu option)

I defined a voice and I want to send it to a friend. How can I do?
In the voice editing window, save this voice and send its file (file with a .PRV extension, located in the "Voices" subfolder of Virtual Singer) to your friend. He'll have then to copy this file into his own "Voices" subfolder.
You can send your voice file to us if you want it to be included in the default voices list.
There is only one staff in my document, but the Virtual Singer progress bar says three human voices are computed. Why ?
Because there is probably a three notes chord on this staff. Since a human being can only sing one note at a time, Virtual Singer generates three voices singing together. Please note it can increase drastically the computing time...

When starting music while Virtual Singer is active, the vertical line showing playing position in my piece moves in a jerky way. Why ?
When music is playing, several tasks are performed at the same time.
Each task has a priority level. Here are the most important tasks, sorted in a decreasing priority order :

     • Music playing : it is the building of digital signal from written notes. It is the most important task because when stopped, even for a short time, breaks or crackles can be heard in music. The way this task is processed by the computer can be set up in Configuration>Digital output configuration.
     • Human voices calculation : this is a complex task, which takes time but can however be processed while music is playing. This calculation must always have the lead over music playing because if cough up, human voice becomes jerky.
     • Display scrolling score and playing position vertical line : this is performed only if some time is remaining, because the most important is to get a nice music output

This is why, when playing a complex piece, or asking for human voice calculation while playing music, the playing position vertical line movement becomes jerky. As soon as the human voice is completely calculated, the movement becomes smooth again.

You can also notice a red arrow blinks above the singer icon while his voice calculation is in progress.

Why not to sing also in Swedish, Swahili or Smurf?
You can not define another language on your own. However, if you know the pronunciation  rules for a particular language, please do not hesitate to tell us.
The ideal is to get a text file giving for a maximum of  written words in this language, the matching pronunciation in SAMPA (or other phonetic notation). Above this, we need the list of phonemes in this language as well as samples of how they are pronounced.

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