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  How do I set the automatic generation of tablature for a given instrument ?
In the staff pop-up menu (black triangle on the left of the clef ) select "Edit Tablature". Then select the type of instrument you want the tablature to be generated for (fretted instrument or harmonica), and select your instrument more precisely in the pop-up menu or in the list.
For harmonica, you can also choose the base note.

Tip :
instead of using the staff pop-up menu, you can click on the little 'Tab' icon in the staff margin.
I have a guitar tablature linked to a staff. When I insert a note on the tablature, the software computes the fingering and changes the string and fret number of this note. How can I avoid this?
Edit the tablature settings and enable "Priority to tablature".
You can then insert cell neck number of strings without seeing then recalculated.
To be even faster, Shift+click the string: a pop-up menu lists the possible cell numbers.
We invite you to view the following video tutorial: "Working with tablature and priority to tablature mode" ("Windows > Tutorials" menu option in the software)

I asked for a guitar tablature calculation, but the processing time is too long and my computer hangs. How can I cancel it?
You can interrupt the tablature calculation by pressing Command (Ctrl on PC) and clicking with the mouse at the same time.

  I want to tune my guitar in an "Open tuning". Can I generate tablature for this tuning?
or: I play banjo, balalaika, etc. Can I calculate tablature for these instruments?

Of course. Several tunings are predefined, but you can define your own by clicking "Other" in the tablature options edit window.


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