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Sound databases

What is the digital sound database? How do I install a new version of the sound database?
While music is playing through the digital output, the program computes the resulting sound in real time, by using sound samples for each instrument.
These sound samples are packed in a file called the digital sound database.

There are several versions of the digital sound database. The better the quality, the larger the file. The highest quality sound database, called the Gold database, is only available on CD-ROM.

To install a new digital sound database, use the installer, or perform an automatic update from the software. You can install the sound database "manually", however, by copying the sound database file (called GMxxBase.rsr, where xx can be LT, ST, MP, SE... ) into the "GMDigit" folder of the application.

When started, the application will find the new sound database and prepare it to be used.
This file is copied then unpacked in the "GMDigit" folder of your preferences. This operation can take a few seconds but is only performed once.
Thus, if you uninstall and install the application again, the best quality sounds will be kept. Above this, the same sound database will be used by all Myriad programs you installed (Harmony Assistant, Melody Assistant, Melody Player).

Please note the medium quality sound database is automatically installed when the software is installed from the CD-ROM.

How can I find out which version of the digital sound database is being used by the software?
Open the information window about the software (?>About... on Windows, Apple>About... on Macintosh).
If you see :
GMLTBase.rsr then you are using the light sound database, version distributed before April 2000.
GMSTBase.rsr then you are using the extended version of the sound database,version distributed before April 2000.
GMXTBase.rsr then you are using the medium quality database only available on the MYRIAD CD-ROM, version distributed before April 2000.

From April 2000, two new sound database have been released, which increases  sound quality  :

GMMPBase.rsr : Light sound database, ultra-packed to offer more and better sounds.
GMSEBase.rsr : Complete sound database, (only available on CD-ROM).

These last two databases can only be used with Melody Assistant from version 5.1 and Harmony Assistant from version 7.1.

Finally, in September 2002, comes the High Quality Gold Sound Satabase. This sound base increase drastically the sound quality. It can be used with Melody 6.1 or Harmony 8.1.

How to change the default sound database the software uses?

The "Configuration>Sound base" menu option lists all the sound databases currently installed. Select here the one you wish to be used.

How to use in a score an instrument that belongs to another sound database than the selected one?

Select the sound database you need the sound to be got from ("Configuration>Sound base"), then the instrument on your score ("Staff>Edit related instrument"). Select then "User-defined sound" and OK.
Select now again your preferred sound database.
The "user-defined" instrument will always keep the sound you selected, since the other instruments will use the sounds from the current sound database.

What is the difference between the Gold Sound Database and other sound databases in terms of quality?

For any of the digital instruments in a sound database, there can be several samples. For example, a low-pitched note of a piano does not sound the same as the stretched sound of a high-pitched note. In previous sound bases (GMSEBASE, GMWEBASE, GMLTBASE, etc), there was generally only one sample per instrument. In the Gold Sound Database, most of the instruments are made of twelve different sounds.
To reduce space and download time, old sound bases were packed. This packing results in a loss of quality in the sound (breath, distortion...). Sounds in the Gold Sound Database are not packed.
At last, on top of all the sounds of the General Midi 2 specification, the Gold Sound Database provides additional sounds, as well chromatic than percussive.

What happens if I make a piece using the Gold Sound Database, then I send it to somebody who does not own this sound base ?

The matching instruments in the sound database of this person will be chosen instead of those you selected. A warning message will be displayed to tell him that the result might be different from what the author expected. However, sound database are designed to be compatible. Of course, the overall quality will be poorer without the Gold Sound Database.

What happens if I own the Gold Sound Database and I load a piece that has been created without it ?

When loading a .mus file created without the Gold Sound Database or when importing a MIDI, ABC file, etc., instruments are converted between old and new sound specification. You can define your own conversion settings through "Configuration>Sound base>Define preferred sounds". Of course, these settings do not affect the user instruments in the file (if any).

Can I download the Gold Sound Database ?

No. The Gold Sound Database is about 300 Mb long. Using a 28Kbps modem, it would take about 30 hours to download...

I just installed the GOLD sound database, but an old sound database is still used. What can I do?

In "Configuration>Sound base" menu option, select the GOLD sound database.

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