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Note stems and staff lines are  printed properly but note heads are printed as big squares. What is happening?
Several solutions :

1- You are using Windows, and the Wacam.ini file has been deleted or corrupted in the application preference folder.
- Quit the application
- Run the little program called "Myrpref.exe", located in the application install directory
  A windows opens on the program preference folder
- Delete the "Wacam.ini" file if it exists, then reinstall the application

2- Your printer driver is not up to date. Ensure you own the latest printer driver by visiting the manufacturer's site..

3- Printer setup is not correct. It must be configured to use TrueType fonts in priority.
Select "File>Page setup" and check all the printer setup values.

On Windows, open the "Start" menu, then  Settings>Printers.
Right-click your printer and select "Properties". Click the "Fonts" tab index and select "Always use TrueType fonts" or "Print TrueType as graphics". Click OK, then perform a new page setup from the software before trying to print again.

  While printing, an alert is shown, saying that the Myriad Music Font is not present, and notes are replaced on paper by strange signs. What is happening?
The Myriad Music Font (Mac) or SToccata (PC) font is not installed in your system. Check it.
If it is not present, you must install this font manually..

On Mac OS 8 or 9 :
Open the folder you installed the application into.
Open the "System" subfolder
Drag the file "Myriad Music Font" from this folder to the "Fonts" subfolder of your system folder.
You can also download it from the internet at:
http://www.myriad-online.com/fonts/Myriad Music Fonts.hqx

On Mac OS X :
To date, such an issue has never been reported.
The font has to be located in "user/library/fonts"
On Windows
Open the folder in which you installed the application, then open the "Fonts" subfolder.
You can also download the "SToccata.ttf" file on the Internet at:

If you are running Windows 95, 98 or NT, drag this file into the "Windows\Fonts" folder.

Run the little program called "Myrpref.exe", located in the application install directory. A windows opens on the program preference folder.

Open the "wacam.ini" file located in this window using a text editor (Notepad for example) and add the following line in the [Fontes] section :

When printing, I get title, header and footer but no staff. Why?

You disabled staff printing. Select "File>Printing options" and click to the left of the staff in the list to make a little printer icon appear.
On the printed page, I get only 3 bars per stave and 4 staves per page. How can I increase this?

Reduce the overall bar width with the corresponding tool in the Edit floating palette, and decrease the height of the staves by dragging the horizontal red line which delimits the bottom of each staff area.

When printing, brackets and braces used to join staves together are present in the preview, but not printed on paper. What can I do?
Brackets and braces are printed outside the paper area. On the preview, shift the left margin a few centimeters to the right.

I own a street organ, and I want to make punched cards. Can I do this?
Several tools are available for street organ players in Harmony (not available with Melody Assistant):

1) You can use one of the print options to print punched cards or rolls (entirely user-definable).
2) In the staff menu (black triangle in the margin  ) options you can apply a street organ filter that suppresses all notes that are not playable on your organ. You can then hear and view how a tune will play on your organ.

I use a Macintosh under Mac OS 8 or 9. Printer works fine with other applications, but does not work with Melody/Harmony. What can I do?

Probably OMS is installed but its setup is wrong. You probably defined that the OMS could use the printer port. When Melody/Harmony is launched, it activates OMS, which blocks then the printer port. To fix this, deactivate the printer port in OMS setup (see OMS manual for further details)
  I use Windows. When launching Melody/Harmony, a window tells me there has been a "crash" in a module whose name ends with .DLL or .DRV (typically : EPSxxx.DRV)

Your printer driver is probably in cause. Got to the manufacturer's site, and download and install the latest printer driver.
  When printing a document, not all the lines on each staff are printed. Several lines are missing.

Check the horizontal line thickness you defined in Configuration>Global setup>Apparence.
Try to export in BMP or PICT and use a high view scale factor to see if lines are actually present.
Check the dpi and quality you are using in your printer driver setup.

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