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Triplets and ornaments

How do I insert a triplet?
Select the icon marked 3:2 in the Notes tool palette, then insert your note on the score.

How to change the triplet value?
By double-clicking the 3:2 icon in the note palette, you can change the tuplet value.

The little "3" for the triplet appears above each of the three notes. How to make only one appear, and link the three notes by a bracket?

Triplet bracket is related to note beaming. Select your three notes, then "Edit>Appearance>Beam" so that they are displayed as a group of three.

How can I attach ornaments, appoggiatura, grace notes ...?
Double-click on a note to open its editing window. You can then define grace notes (appoggiatura), ornaments... attached to this note.
You are invited to view the "Inserting and editing grace notes" video tutorial ("Windows>Tutorials" option in the program)

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