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Sound rendering

I play a score, but it does not scroll, and I cannot hear anything. Why?

In the software, check the device that has been chosen to play music ("Configuration>Hardware configuration" menu option)

I play a score, it scrolls but I cannot hear anything. Why?
In the system mixer, check the output volume. In the software, check the main volume and the volume of each staff (Windows > Mixer)

In digital output, sound is sometimes broken up. Why?
There are several possible explanations :

    * If your computer becomes very slow, so that it is difficult to perform mouse actions, it means that calculating the digital output is overwhelming your computer's processing capabilities.

      Digital output consumes a significant amount of processing time. If your computer is not very powerful and you try to output your tune with high quality and many voices, it can even freeze your system.

      You can then :
          o Select the 'Configuration>Digital output configuration' menu option and reduce output quality and/or number of voices.
          o In the same window, deselect the option "Enable effect processors".
          o Click the digital sound effects icon in the "play" palette and remove digital post-processing effects such as Reverb, Surround, etc.
    * If breaks do not occur regularly, and you can hear your hard disk or another device working in the meantime, it means that the system halts digital output from time to time.

      You can then :
          o Ensure no other program is running in background (automatic anti-virus, etc.)
          o Select the "Configuration>Digital output configuration" menu option and set a bigger buffer (Standard or Compatible button) to minimize the effects of these halts on digital output.
              If breaks are regularly distributed across time and the program continues to run without noticeable slowness, it means that your hardware (sound card) is not compatible with the buffer options set in the  digital output configuration.

      You can then select the "Configuration>Digital output configuration" menu option and set a bigger buffer (Standard or Compatible button). You can also manually set the buffer size and number of voices so that your computer plays music properly.

While the tune is played, there are speed variations. Why?

Maybe a change in tempo has been invisibly defined in your tune. Check it.

When several instruments play at the same time, the sound crackles. Why?
The sound volume of your instruments, or the general volume, is probably too high. Reduce it. You can also use the Automatic Gain Control (AGC, in the digital post-processing effects from the "Play tools" palette)  to avoid saturation, but it can lead to a muffled sound if the general volume is  too high.

Why do some drum instruments (for example Gong, Pandiero...) not produce any sound?
The instruments in the list cover the whole GM/GS standard. A few sounds are not available,however, and are displayed here solely for compatibility with Midi files which can use them.
But this is not specific to the software. A great number of synthesizers cannot produce all these sounds...
The sound of one instrument is louder than the others. How can I adjust it?
Edit the instrument and reduce its volume. You can also do this in the "Mixer" window.

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